Тема «О себе»

Hello <…>

So, I am gonna tell you, guys, a bit about myself in English and it’s also as version two, because the last one was two years old, so a  lot of things have changed.

So now I am a nineteenyear old and I live in Canada in Ontario, in Mississauga, which is a small kind of — well not that small — but it’s a suburban area that’s like ten minutes from Toronto, so it’s kind of like a fifteen-minute drive for me to get to Toronto from my house.

Er… My hair is dirty blond (I don’t know how you can see it on this camera) and my eyes are green (I don’ know how well you can see them on this camera) [laughs] usually I put some purple into my hair so right now it’s at the tips <…> and my favourite colour is purple, so that’s why… and I like… I don’t know… I like coloured hair. Also I like to wear men’s clothing, that’s just what I prefer. This T-shirt is pink, but it’s a man’s T-shirt.

And… Ok, so I am a student right now, I don’t have a job. I go to York University which is one of the largest <…> in Canada and roughly has fifty thousand students roughly (aproximately), and I am involved in a linguistics program. Last year I was involved in a visual arts program, so I did drawing, sculpture, painting, stuff like that, but I didn’t really like it, so I switched out and now I am in linguistics for this year.

And I am taking Japanese this year (Level Two) and Corean (Level One) this year. And I am also taking Japanese Culture and Society and Corean History and culture. So, it’s gonna be a lot of Asian studies falling at me on top of my linguistics program.

I want to be an ESL teacher, to teach English as a second language to all the immigrants that a re coming in, and I would also like to go teach overseas in Japan or Corea English for a bit before I get into that, for some experience and also so I can explore the country that I am studying, because I’ve never been to Japan and I’ve never been to Asia, and the only place I’ve ever gone on vacation outside Canada is the Barmes <…>so it’s not that I am culturally adventurous. But I do hope that I can go there one day.

So things that I like… I like candy a lot, it’s definitely one of my favourite things. I atually have this bag of candy right now that my boyfriend got for me and <…> my favourite candies, they are called Dinosours and they are like sour dinasour <…> so, it’s shaped like a dinosaur. I really like dinosaurs. I’ve liked dinosaurs a since I was little and alsoastronomy since I was little. But I don’t really study it because there’s a lot of physics and I am really bad at science and maths.But  still like it.

My favourite season is winter. I really like winter. I love snow I love when it snows like three meters and cars are buried and everything/ Yeah, I am not big fan of the heat in the summer, I get cranky and it’s not nice. And yeah so… winter! Yes!

Er… My hobbies are … riding my bike (that’s one thing that summer is good for). That’s  what  I <…> do for exercise, but I also love swimming. And I still love art even though I am not now on the program. I still do some art things, but mainly photography. And I have a few pictures <…> This is a water lily picture

Мне нравится сайт Englishhobby.ru
Мне нравится сайт Englishhobby.ru
Мне нравится сайт Englishhobby.ru
Мне нравится сайт Englishhobby.ru
Мне нравится сайт Englishhobby.ru

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