Упражнение по лексике английского языка: в ванной комнате. Vocabulary exercise: In the bathroom

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Exercise on vocabulary. Use the words from page «In the Bathroom» in the correct form – singular or plural to fill in the gaps.

Упражнение по лексике английского языка. Заполните пропуски словами со страницы «В ванной комнате» в правильной форме – единственного или множественного числа

  1. This super soft __________ comes in a variety of contemporary colours.
  2. Rinse your face again with water and apply a small amount of ________.
  3. Picking the right __________ color for your bathroom can be time consuming and frustrating.
  4. She stood in front of the long, low dresser, looking into the __________.
  5. She parted her hair in the center, using the curved talon of her forefinger as a __________.
  6. After using the __________, hang it in the open air so it can dry thoroughly before its next use.
  7. She bought a lovely heart-shaped piece of __________.
  8. The ____________ seat was cracked and there was no paper.
  9. A __________ is a loose garment made out of toweling material.
  10. Store the __________ in an upright position, so water drains away from bristles.
  11. Wrap your dog in a dry __________ as you take it out of the __________.
  12. Don’t store your __________ in the bathroom if you can avoid it.
  13. What is the best cavity prevention __________ for children?
  14. Have you ever got __________ in your eyes?

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