Тест по английскому языку для экономистов

Перед вами тест по английскому языку для студентов экономических факультетов вузов.


Ключи к этому тесту

I. Complete each sentence using there is/are or the appropriate form of to have and to be.

  1. Natural gas ­­­­­­­­­­­­_______ a major Ukrainian import from Russia.
  2. I ________ very busy at the moment.
  3. The gym  _______ free to hotel guests.
  4. _______ still a whole month till the presentation.
  5. These planes typically ________ 96 to 118 seats.
  6. Helen (not) _______ much money with her.

II. Complete each sentence using the Present Simple of the verbs in brackets.

  1. The company _________ over 7000 people. (employ)
  2. What time the plane _______ in Madrid? (arrive)
  3. New Zealand and Australia ________ to reduce import duties. (plan)
  4. My friend ________ BBC news every morning. (watch)
  5. Why DVDs _______ so much more in Brazil than elsewhere.(cost)

III. Insert the appropriate form of to be where necessary.

  1. Our ____main____ overseas____ market ____ China.
  2. Prices____extremely____ high____ in this____ part ____of the city.
  3. How____ much ____that____ TV stand?

IV. Put questions so that the words in bold could be the answers.

  1. The hotel offers a free swimming pool.
  2. 10,000 American companies now do business in China.
  3. I probably spend over $100 a month on electricity.

V. Make up questions.

  1. the/do/ what/company?
  2. name/the/company/your/of/ /what?
  3. many/company/the/employ/people/how?

VI. Translate the sentences.

  1. Исполнительный директор несет ответственность за эти решения.
  2. Новые модели сотовых телефонов — в выставочном зале.
  3. В нашем районе три филиала этого банка.
  4. У вас есть постоянный источник дохода?
  5. В этом магазине не принимают наличные — только кредитные карточки.
  6. Вы предоставляете скидки пенсионерам? — Да, конечно.

VII. Read the information about a Swiss watch manufacturer and fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

employs, French, designs, retire, daily, comes out, companies, manufacturer, produce, profits, costs

Nicolas Hayek is the founder and President of SMH. SMH is a Swiss watch 1)_________with its head ofice in Zurich, Switzerland, and a large, modern factory in Granges, France. It 2)_________14,000 people. There are twelve 3)_________ in the group, including Tissot, Omega, and Swatch.

The company’s most famous product is the Swatch watch. The Swatch has a quartz mechanism but only fifty one parts. A new collection 4)________ twice a year with forty new 5)__________. SMH sells ten million Swatch watches a year.

The factory in Granges is open twenty-four hours a day, with a 6)__________ production of 35,000 watches. Created in 1983, the company makes large 7)_________every year, but a Swatch watch still only 8)_________£ 25, the same price  as in 1983.

Nicolas Hayek is now sixty-five, but he has no plans to 9)__________. One day he hopes to 10)_________ the Swatch car, a revolutionary automobile for the century.

But it’s not ‘all work to play’ for Mr Hayek. In his free time he plays a lot of tennis, sometimes with his friend Jean-Paul Belmondo, the 11)________ actor.

Ключи к этому тесту

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