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A Road accident (script)

It was raining heavily as I was walking up the hill towards the station at six o’clock on a Saturday morning. At this early hour there wasn’t much traffic and there weren’t many people in sight. Just as I was crossing the road near the top of the hill a car came round the corner. It was traveling very fast and the diver was obviously having difficulty in controlling it. Suddenly it swerved violently, skidded on the wet road, hit a lamp-post and turned over. At once I ran to the car to assist the driver, but he was unconscious and there was a lot of blood on his face. A young woman hurried into the station and phoned for an ambulance while I took care of the driver. A number of other people gathered round the car, but there wasn’t a great deal we could do. A policeman arrived a few minutes later and asked me a lot of questions about the accident. Shortly afterwards the man came round and he was groaning quietly when the ambulance arrived at high speed and rushed him away to hospital. On Monday morning I went to the hospital to enquire about the man. They told me that his injuries were not serious after all and that he was rapidly getting over the effects of the accident.

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