Видеоурок по теме «У врача» (Уровень Intermediate/Advanced)

Оригинальное видео:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7pxafweqdM

At the Doctor’s. Ligament Sprains.

Before listening

1. You are going to listen to a doctor talking about ligament sprains. What information would you like to find? Write three questions.

2. Make sure you know the meaning of the following words.


connective tissue


to join

be affected by sprain


to get hit

to cause sprains

to stretch the ligament

a tear to the ligament

to wrap the joint

to get the joint higher than the heart

to decrease the swelling

3. Now watch the video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7pxafweqdM and fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Knee, limited weight bearing, medication, ankle, injury, to ice, twisting the ankle, ligament sprains, joint, an ankle sprain, wrist, muscle, connective tissue

Hi, I’m Dr Cathy Stallworth. I’d like to talk to you today about _____________. Many people don’t know the difference between a sprain and a strain and it’s actually quite simple. A sprain is an ___________ that occurs to a ligament and a strain is an injury that occurs to a ___________. What is a ligament? I’ve got a model of the ____________ here which very nicely demonstrates what a ligament looks like. A ligament is a band of connective tissue that basically joins your muscles. A ligament is a band of  ________________that joins the bones together. So here we see … collateral ligament of the knee.

The joints that are most commonly affected by sprain are the ____________, the knee and the____________. Most sprains occur as a result of some type of an acute trauma whether it’s falling on an ….. or maybe getting hit in a sports type activity jumping up and ______________, all of these things can cause sprains.

What happens when a sprain occurs? Basically what happens is that the ___________becomes displaced. As the joint becomes displaced, it stretches the ligament and then there is a small tear to the ligament.

What do you do if you have ______________? Certainly the first thing that I’ll recommend is immobilization or protecting the joint. The next …….   should be relative rest. So if you significantly sprain the ankle, I would recommend __________________on the ankle. Another option is ______________ twenty minutes three times a day. We also recommend compression that usually involves wrapping the joint with an H- wrap or some type of a compressive – respander, ankle strap, something like that. And the last thing we recommend typically is elevation or getting the joint higher than the heart. That allows gravity to decrease the swelling in the affected joint.

Another thing that is very very harmful for sprains is use of an analgesic or over the counter anti inflammatory ______________ such as nephroksin or ibyprofen. As a physiatrist I am a big proponent of exercise during this feature injury. Once you have sprained a ligament, you are very prone to injury there. So it’s very important that the muscles surrounding the joint remain very strong to help protect the ligaments. Certainly working with a physical therapist or even beginning your own type of home progamme would work. Many athletic trainers are very well versed in exercises that you can do to strengthen them.

4. Listen again to find answers to the three questions you wrote. If  your questions were not answered, can you guess the answers?

5. Comprehension questions

1)      What’s the difference between a sprain and a strain?

2)      What is a ligament?

3)      What joints are most commonly affected by sprain?

4)      What happens when a sprain occurs?

5)      What do you do if you have an ankle sprain? Why is elevation important?

6)      Why is it important to exercise a sprained ankle?

6. Read the dialogue between a doctor and a patient who has sprained his knee. Continue the dialogue using your own ideas, then practice it with your partner.

Doctor:           —        Good morning. Please have a seat here. What´s the problem?

Patient:           —        I have a terrible pain in my knee.

Doctor:           —        When did you get the trauma?

Patient::          —        This morning. I got hit in a football game.

Doctor:           —        All right. Please lie down there. … Just tell me if it hurts when I do this.

Patient::          —        It doesn´t hurt. … Ouch. It hurts there.

Doctor:           —        Okay. So you’ve significantly sprained the knee. The first thing that I’ll recommend is immobilization and limited weight bearing on the knee. Let´s hope there are no tears, but we´ll need to do an X-ray to be sure. If there are no tears you should do exercises to strengthen the knee.

Patient:           —        Must I ice the knee?

Doctor:           —        Yes, ice it  twenty minutes three times a day. I also recommend compression – wrap the joint with some type of a compressive.

Patient:           —        Can you give me some medication for the time being?

Doctor:           —        Yes, I´ll give you a prescription for anti inflammatory tablets.

Patient:           —         ……………………………………………………………………..?

Doctor:           —          ……………………………………………………………………..?

7. Make up a similar dialogue with the doctor about other medical problems.

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