Audio Exercise ‘Are You Creative or Analitical?’


Listening exercise

Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box:

having two general modes

ask them to put their hands together

a so called right-brainer

in visual, creative and intuitive tasks

towards one or the other

logical, sequential and  analytical

a so called left brainer

likely to be verbal and analytical.

in that position for a moment

you tend to be a so-called left-brainer

intuitive, visual and creative

I’d like you to clasp your hands together and keep them…

Some researchers see the brain as…

In one mode, often called right-brained, it’s more ….

In the other, often called left-brained, it’s more …

All of us work in both modes, but naturally tend …

According to the theory, if your right thumb is on top of your left thumb, then …..  and so are more …… .

If your left thumb is on top of your right thumb then you tend to be  …  and more likely to excel ……

So if you want to gain a fun insight into somebody, maybe you should …



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