Audio Exercise: Personality Types: Golden Retriever


The third personality type is the Golden Retriever or the steady personality.  Golden Retrievers are the worker bees of the world. They like to get things done. They love stability and they like things to stay they’ve always been. They are dependable. They will get the job done no matter what. If they say they will do something, you can count on it. They like routines and gravitate towards jobs that are repetitious. hey will excell at factory work that would drive other people crazy. They are loyal. If you have one of these for a friend, you have a friend for life. They are ordedrly. They like all their ducks in a row and they don’t like things to get out of order. They are predictable. They are so predictable that you know when they go to a restaurant, they will always order the same thing. They like a controlled environment for they are not alert of surprises and change going on. They are introverted. It doesn’t bother the m to be alone. That’s how they get charged up. They like people, they just don’t need to be around them all the time. They are very careful in  the decisions that they make. They usually take some time to think it through. They just don’t make hasty decisions. They like things to stay the same. Tey just don’t handle change well. You can’t get an argument out of these folks. Insread they’ll just clam up and walk away. But they’ll come back later to discuss it. Abraham really stands out as this personality. e was very loyal and trusting in what God had for him to do. He was not of fleshy kind of guy that he became the father of the nation of Israel. In the New Testament Martha is an example of a worker bee. The primary motivation for this personality is the bneed to feel safe.




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