Обучение английской лексике. Упражнение «In the Kitchen» («На кухне»)

Exercise on vocabulary. Use the words from page «In the Kitchen» in the correct form – singular or plural to fill in the gaps.

Заполните пропуски словами со страницы «На кухне» в правильной форме — единственного или множественного числа.

1. Cooking in the ____________ is very clean and efficient.
2. Evidently someone had stocked the _________ yesterday; there was a box containing bacon, packets of milk, eggs, butter and a few other things.
3. Some __________ will only hold a few ounces of beans, whereas some will hold a quarter pound or more.
4. I love, love, love that modern ___________, it’s adorable!! Maybe I’ll buy one for myself, even though the last thing I need is more cups.
5. To use it you hold the __________ with one hand while the other hand holds the cheese.
6. Today’s __________ use a lot less water and energy than they did in the past.
7. This exceptional and beautiful __________ is very well made and easy to hang.
8. Having good __________ skills will make you more efficient in the kitchen.

Слова, знание которых требуется для выполнения этого упражнения

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