Упражнения по теме «Сложное дополнение» («Complex Object»)

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Complex Object (exercises)

Упражнения на Complex Object

I. Replace the Object Clause with the Complex Object.

1. We know that mathematics has become man’s second language.

2. They expect that a variable will represent a number.

3. We know that  two fractions are equal if they simplify to the same fraction.

4. I heard that they were discussing the matter.

5. We expected that they would intensify the whole process.

6. Everybody knows that matter consists of small particles called atoms.

7. This question was too difficult, so that he could not answer it immediately.


II. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. Suppose the mass of the box to be x.

2. We expect the statement to be true.

3. We expect this solution to satisfy the given statement.

4. Teachers want their students to attend classes regularly.

5. For a book to be useful it must be studied carefully.

6. We know this magnitude to depend on pressure.

7. For the information to be precise you must verify it carefully.


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