Фразы учителю: при обращении с продвинутыми обучаемыми




 Фразы учителю: общение с обучаемыми с высоким уровнем языковой подготовки

В начале занятия

Hi,  my name is … and I’ll be working with you on this course.

Hello everybody and thank you for being here today.

This (week) we’ll look at some of the reasons why ……

By the end of the (week) you’ll be able to …..

Right, so this is (History 251) and this morning I want simply to introduce this class and to explain what it might offer to you.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

I know you’ve probably all been working today. So I hope you’ve got a lot of energy left, okey? So I’m gonna try and keep you active. And I’ve got lots-lots of activities I wanna do with you so we’ll try and get through as many of them as possible.

My class is straight-forward in terms of what you’re expected to do and how to do well in the class and in the exam. If you work hard and you are reasonably smart, which all of you are, you can ace the class. I’ve tried to construct the class that way with a totally open agenda in terms of how it’s graded and so on. So what does that mean? That means you can, if you work hard enough, ace the exams. And I want you to. That would be terrific. I would love that.

The class is constructed so that if you do show up, you’re gonna do pretty well. So, rule one for the class is «show up». It’s pretty simple how to do on the class. It just requires a bit of effort and showing up. If you’ve ever noticed this, college classes disproportionally reward showing up. So if you show up and do pretty badly on a few things, you can still pass the class. Why do college professors reward just showing up so much? The reason is that we believe that the world works that way. The world rewards showing up. And if you don’t show up for your job, you get fired. That’s why we structure classes to really over reward showing up.

Ok. The second thing you need to do: pay attention. I know these are annoyingly simple things. Please do not talk in the lectures. I get ludicrously angry and blow my top. It’s ridiculous. You don’t want to see it. It’s very, very, very ugly.

I’m gonna have a ‘laptops- okey» policy, provisionally, but I will move to a nw laptop policy if no one is paying attention.

The third thing you need to do: do the readings.

First I want to find out a little bit about what you think about (teaching vocabulary).

There are several things I want to do today. First I want to know what you got out of the (commentary of last week). Secondly , I want to know what you got out of the reading for today (the chapter on mind and imagination). Third, I want to give you a little preparation about today’s movie which is «Amelie». Is that right? Yeah. Tjhe result is that I am going to try to talk as little as possible and this will get it started with the part of the course in which your discussion is very important. I want to know how any of this material is affecting you, because I am seeing you for a week.

What I am going to do is go around the class the way I do every time in order to get to know you better. When I get your name you can (and I hope you will) stop me to make any comments you want on any of those things that I mentioned.

So this is the time for the cass to become fully involved as I hope you will be throughout the term.

Let me start on my list. And forgive me if I am still learning your names.

При объяснении задания

Listen carefully to the instructions.

These things never work if you don’t listen to the instructions.

Can you all please stand up and get into teams of five?

Get into teams of five and give yourself a number (one, two, three or five).

Number ones put your hand up! (Number twos…)

I am going to show to you (ten pieces of information).

So what I want you to do? I want you to decide now who you are going to be talking to.

I want you to look at the statements and decide which of the statements are true for you and discuss with your partner/partners.

OK, I’m gonna give you three minutes. Go!Read chapters two to seven inclusive. (BrE)

Read chapters two through seven (AmE)

Логические связи

So going  back to what I was talking about earlier about the (form… )…

При проверке домашнего задания

OK, lots of you have homework outstanding. Who wants to go first with their dialogue?

You guys had an important assignment. Who wants to take the stage? Let me ask you a few questions about the stuff that we covered last time.

All right, so last time we were talking about …

And why don’t we actually review some of the stuff that we talked about last time (before we start talking further about…)

Оценивание ответа студента

Try to come up with another word.

This does not strike me as right.

При объяснении нового материала

In this lesson we are going to look at… The main idea I want to get across is that … Take a look at… (these verb forms) (The Present Perfect) is the way to go here.

Keep repeating/using/practising this phrase until it sticks/sinks in.

Keep working on it until you’ve got it.

Ответы на вопросы студентов

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.
I can’t think of one offhand. I would use …

При переходе к следующему заданию

OK, I think we have had enough of (grammar exercises) for today, now I’d like you to…

Поддержание дисциплины

Many times have you been told that socializing is not done in my class.

Завершение урока

To finish off this activity I want to give you…

Thank you and have a great day!

Ok, thank you and go enjoy your day!

We’ll take up this theme again next time.

That’s all the time we have for Kant. We’ll start on Hegel on Monday.

See you next Wednesday. That’s it for today.

Have an excellent (great) day!

Подготовка к экзаменам и зачётам

All your hard practice and preparation will now come into play in the finals.

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