Упражнение на употребление настоящего простого времени (Present Simple) и прошедшего простого времени (Past Simple)

Уважаемые посетители сайта ! На этой странице вы найдете материалы по следующим темам: Интересное упражнение на употребление настоящего простого времени и прошедшего простого времени. Present Simple и Past Simple. Текстовое упражнение по английскому языку.

Упражнение на употребление настоящего простого времени и прошедшего простого времени

Read the two texts and open the brackets using  the present simple or the past simple. There are 11 verbs in the past simple and 16 verbs in the present simple. In some cases both tenses are possible,

I. My Dell computer  (catch) this very bad and vicious virus called «The Israfel Worm» written by someone called MachineDramon. (Weird because MachineDramon (be) the name of a cartoon character.) Anyway I (download) a file from the internet and when I (open) it it (show) a picture of Avril Lavigne which I later (learn) from a website (mean) that the virus has started to start its infection to my computer. The virus (attack) something called «active X» and (prevent) lots of applications from working such as adobe photoshop elements. It also (prevent) me from going to any web page that (use) the word «Virus» to prevent me from getting information on how to delete it I guess. It also automatically (stop) any virus scanning programs from working so I can’t get rid of it. It also (display) a very disturbing message when ever I (try) to use the CD drive that (say) «Freedom to Palistine, Iraq, and Afghanistan! » in Spanish. Anyone (know) how to get rid of this? I really (not/want) to format my HD again.

II. The casual computer user can afford to play with fire and risk catching a virus but the business user cannot afford to damage his or her business by being careless in this area. I (ask) Danny, what advice he would give to people who are stressed out when their computer is put out of action by a virus or by some similar problem. He (be) in a relaxed mood and replied jokingly at first and then (get) down to business: «I (have) a method that will guarantee you never catch a virus or have any problems with your computer.» «What (be) this amazing method?» » Don’t turn it on! » Danny (smile) triumphantly. He (continue): «Computers (be) inherently insecure and whatever you do, you will, sooner or later, run into problems.» Danny always (tell) it like it is: «However, there (be) a number of things you can do on a daily or weekly basis that will considerably reduce your chances of running into trouble. Cut both your hands off or don’t pay your electricity bills.»


Ключи к упражнению на употребление Present Simple и Past Simple

Употребление английских времён

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