Фразы учителю английского языка: как начать урок (Classroom English)

В начале урока

1. Приветствие

Okay, let’s begin.

Alright, let’s get started.

Welcome, everybody!

Hello everybody and thank you for being here today.

Welcome to all of you.

I’d like to welcome you all to this course.

Good morning, everybody.

Good afternoon, everybody.

Hello, everyone.

How is everyone today? Are you ready to begin?

Hello there, (Denis).    

How are you?

How are you today, (Anna)?

How are you getting on?

How’s life?

How are things with you, (Katya)?

Are you feeling better today, (Semyon)?

And what about you, Masha? How are you today?

Good morning, Andrey. How are you feeling today?

How are you getting on?

How are things?

How are we all doing this morning?

How’s everyone feeling today?

How’s it going?

That’s nice to hear.

I’m glad/ pleased/ happy/ sorry to hear that.

I hope you all had a good/ enjoyable/ relaxing holiday/ break.

I hope you are all feeling well/ fit.

I hope you’ve had/ you’re having a nice/ good day so far.

2. В начале учебного года

My name is _____. I’m your new English teacher.

I’ll be teaching you English this year.

I’ve got five lessons with you each week.        

3. Проверка посещаемости

Class (ladies and gentlemen, students)…

People / folks / guys / you guys …. (AmE). (Informally, and with older learners).

Let’s see if everyone’s here.

I’ll just check who’s here.

Now, class, we are going to take (or ‘do’) the register.

I’ll have to take/ check attendance. / I am taking attendance. (AmE)

I’ll mark/ take/ check the register.

I’m going to call your names/ the roll.

Raise your hand and say «Here»/ «Present».

Who’s absent?

Who’s not here today?

Who isn’t here?

Who’s missing/ away/ not here today?

Are you all here today?

Is the whole class here today?

Any absences?

Is anybody absent/ away/ missing?

Anybody whose name I haven’t called?

Did I miss anybody (out)?

Who is absent today?.

Who isn’t here today?

What’s the matter with (Anna) today?

What’s wrong with (Denis) today?

Why were you absent last Friday, (Masha)?   

Where’s Masha this morning/ today?

What’s wrong / the matter with Masha?

Has anybody seen Masha today?

Does anybody know where Masha is?

Masha’s away. Does anybody know why?

Is she absent or just late?

When will Masha be back?

Who wasn’t here last time?

Was anybody away/ absent/ missing last time?

Who was absent last time?

Who missed last Monday’s lesson?

Why weren’t you here last time?

Make sure you bring an absence note.

What was the matter?

What was the problem?

Have you been ill?

Everybody’s here.

Nice to see you all here.

Nobody’s away today.

I’m glad you could all make it.

So everybody is here except (for) (Lena) and (Dima).

So only two people away today.

Put your hand up if you are not here. )))

Alexey is away. Does anybody know why? He may have missed the bus. What do you think?

(Tanya), are you all right/ OK/ feeling better now?

I hope you feeling better.

Are you feeling better, Katya?

I hope you’ve recovered from your cold, Masha.

What happened to your leg?

Ask your friends to tell you what we’ve been doing.

Could someone explain to Boris what we have been working on?

You missed two lessons.

I hope you can catch up.

Stay behind/ See me after the lesson.

If you yourself have been ill or away, you may ask:

How did you get on/ manage with Galina Ivanovna?

What did you do with Galina Ivanovna?

How far did you get with this unit?

4. Начало занятия

Let’s begin our lesson now.

So we can begin today’s lesson.

Is everybody ready to start?

I hope you are all ready for your English lesson.

I think we can start now.

Now we can get down to work.

5. Оргмомент

I’ll be handing back your last papers tomorrow.

Okay, class, so I’ve marked your papers, here they are.

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