Упражнение на аудирование по сказке «Little Red Riding Hood» (ключи)

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 Ключи к упражнению на аудирование по сказке «Little Red Riding Hood» (на английском языке)

1. who could not do enough for her
2. that fitted perfectly over the child’s head
3. called out to her
4. and a bottle of wine in it
5. take care of herself
6. stay on the path
7. stumble over a rock
8. might fall out on the ground
9. remember your manners
10. go looking into every corner of the house
11. a good half-hour
12. had a long walk ahead of her
13. never having seen anything like him before
14. what a ferocious beast he was
15. on my way
16. if I  may be so bold as to ask
17. under three big oak trees
18. a delicious-looking little girl
19. I can eat them both
20. for just a few minutes
21. I daren’t be late
22. he had to get Little Red Riding Hood to stop for a while
23. stop and pick a few
24. as if you were going to school
25. while you pick some flowers
26. not to leave the path
27. After all, the flowers are for your grandmother
28. to get a nice bouquet of flowers
29. there’s plenty of time
30. ran from the path into the forest to gather flowers
31. that looked even prettier
32. lost all track of time
33. was out of sight
34. don’t sound like yourself
35. lift the latch
36. put the grandmother’s nighty on
37. put her night cap over his head
38. pulled the curtain on the bed
39. made off for her grandmother’s house
40. pulled the bed covers up over his chin
41. to bring that all the way here just for me
42. horribly big mouth
43. than he sprang from the bed, grabbed the astonished chilled, popped her into his mouth and swallowed her whole
44. two such good meals on the same day
45. I’ve never heard the old woman snoring so loudly
46. sound asleep
47. to shoot the wolf dead
48. Little Red Riding Hood’s head popped out, then her left arm, and her right
49. went out and brought back three big stones which she put in the wolf’s stomach
50. Wakie, wakie, you nasty old wolf!
51. saw the hunter standing there with this big gun ready to fire.
52. grandmother had her cake and wine and the hunter had caught his wolf
53. Grandmother, as long as I live I will never again leave a path in the woods, and from now on I will always do what mother says.
54. Have a piece of cake, dear


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