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GOGO’S ADVENTURES WITH ENGLISH: Скрипт к видео (создано автоматически):


0:38 wow

0:56 hello hello my name’s tony what’s your name

1:04 name name name my name’s tony

1:11 what’s your name [Music]

1:16 my name’s gogo [Music] tony

1:23 tony hello hello

1:29 my name’s gogo what’s your name my name’s jenny

1:38 hello google how are you

1:44 how are you i’m fine thank you [Music]

1:51 i’m fine thank you how are you tony i’m fine thank you

1:59 how are you wow wow wow wow

2:05 tony jenny

2:23 what’s your name my name’s gogo what’s your name

2:28 my name’s tony how are you i’m fine thank you how are you

2:36 i’m fine thank you what’s your name my name’s jenny what’s your name

2:44 my name’s gogo tony jennygogo

2:50 tony jenny goodbye goku goodbye go go

2:58 goodbye jenny goodbye tony

3:36my name’s gogo what’s your name [Music]

3:42 my name’s gogo what’s your name [Music]

3:48 my name’s chibi

3:53 my name’s chibi [Music]

3:59 my name’s cappy [Music]

4:08 what’s your name what’s your name

4:21 your name’s pod [Music]

4:37 hello my name’s jenny [Music] hello

4:42 my name’s tony how are you i’m fine thank you

4:49 how are you i’m fine thank you

4:56 wow

05:15 2. WHAT’S HIS NAME?

5:40 hello my name’s gogo how are you

5:48 hello my name’s gogo

5:54 what’s your name [Music]

6:13 oh

6:26 hello go go hello goku hello tony

6:31 hello jenny how are you go go i’m fine thank you

6:38 hello how are you

6:44 wow wow oh go go

6:58his name’s peter peter his name’s peter

7:12 her name’s me me her name’s me

7:18 his name’s peter her name’s may

7:29 hello what’s his name

7:37 his name is

7:45 his name’s go go

7:59 what’s his name what’s his name his name’s peter his name’s peter

8:07 what’s her name what’s her name her name’s me

8:13 her name’s me what’s her name what’s her name

8:19 her name’s jenny her name’s jenny what’s his name

8:25 what’s his name his name’s tony his name’s tony

9:08what’s his name tony his name’s tony

9:18what’s her name jenny her name’s jenny

9:26what’s his name his name’s peter

9:33what’s his name what’s her name

9:38what her name her name’s mei

9:46what’s his name

9:51what’s his name what’s his name his name’s heart

9:57his name’s


10:38 look out

10:44 hello go go hello tony [Music]

10:50 she’s my mother he’s my father

10:55 she’s my sister he’s my brother

11:01 i’m your friend hello goku

11:06who’s she she’s your sister

11:12that’s right goku i’m his sister he’s my brother

11:19who’s she she’s my mother hello

11:25who’s he he’s my friend his name’s gogo

11:31hello gogo how are you i’m fine thanks

11:36how are you i’m fine thanks gogo

11:48who’s he he’s my father hello dad


12:01go go sorry

12:07thank you go go [Music]

12:24who’s she she’s my mother who’s he

12:29he’s my father

12:42who’s he he’s my brother

12:49who’s she she’s my sister

13:03goodbye go go

13:09[Applause] [Music]

13:29who’s hey

13:44mother father brother sister

13:55who’s she she’s my mother

14:01she’s your mother yes that’s right

14:06who’s he he’s your father

14:11yes that’s right who’s she

14:22who’s she she’s his sister

14:27yes she’s my sister

14:33who’s he um um

14:38 he’s my brother

14:44 who is he who is he who

14:49 is he he’s my father he’s my brother i’m

14:57 your friend who is she

15:02 who is she who is she

15:08 she’s my mother she’s my sister

15:29 4. WHAT’S THIS

15:37 oh wow

15:48 jenny

15:54 hello jenny hello coco

16:17 look goku

16:32 what’s this it’s a box

16:42 open it please go go

16:53 what’s this it’s a plate

16:59 what’s this

17:05 it’s a bowl

17:11this is a knife this is a fork




17:46goku luke a shark



18:06what’s this it’s water go go jenny


18:31oh [Music]

18:46hello go go how are you i’m fine thanks pod

18:54[Music] what’s this it’s a bowl

19:00what’s this [Music] it’s a it’s a

19:06[Music] it’s a bowl

19:12what’s this it’s a it’s a

19:19it’s a plate


19:33this is a fork this is a knife [Music]

19:50knife knife this is a knife what’s this

19:56it’s a [Music]

20:05a knife plate plate this is a plate

20:10what’s this it’s a plate this is a plate

20:16this is a knife this is a fork

20:36 5. IS THAT A TIGER?


20:52look go go what’s that that’s a panda

20:58that’s a panda very good girl

21:06[Music] thank you go go this is a panda

21:13that’s a panda

21:23what’s that that’s a tiger [Music]

21:34this is a tiger [Music] that’s a tiger

21:40yes it is that’s a tiger



22:00is that a tiger no it isn’t

22:06it’s a zebra [Music]

22:15this isn’t a tiger it’s a zebra that isn’t a tiger

22:22it’s a zebra [Laughter]

22:35what’s that that’s a monkey

22:50[Music] is that a zebra

22:56no it isn’t is it a tiger no it isn’t

23:02what is it it’s an elephant it’s an elephant

23:10my name’s gogo what’s your name [Applause]

23:21[Laughter] [Music]

23:27[Applause] [Music]

23:40this is an elephant what’s this

23:50an elephant very good it’s an

23:55elephant [Music]

24:02what’s this it’s a panda

24:09it’s a panda yes it is it’s a panda

24:18cappy is this a panda

24:23no it isn’t a panda it’s a zebra [Music]

24:30what’s this [Music]

24:38it’s a tiger what’s

24:44that it’s a monkey


25:07is [Music]

25:19it’s an elephant [Music]


25:52 wow

26:00 hello tony hello jenny hello go go hi coco

26:06 what color is this

26:14it’s green that’s grass

26:20this is grass it’s green what color is this tony

26:29oh go go it’s red

26:36this is a flower it’s red

26:41what color is this [Music]

26:48oh go go it’s blue

26:53[Music] this is yellow

27:06wow oh that flower is blue

27:13oops that flower is red

27:20that flower is yellow


27:36[Music] what color is this tony

27:44it’s brown [Music]

27:57[Applause] [Music]

28:05thank you go go


28:19what color is this it’s red

28:33it’s red what color is this it’s yellow

28:42it’s yellow [Applause]


28:59thank you go go what color is that

29:04it’s green it’s green

29:10[Applause] what color is this gb

29:18it’s blue [Music]

29:24[Applause] that’s not blue

29:31that’s right tabby it isn’t blue it’s brown


29:51[Music] [Applause]


30:10what color is that it’s red it’s red

30:15what color is that it’s yellow it’s yellow

30:21what color is that it’s green it’s green

30:27red green yellow and blue

30:48 7. WHAT ARE THEY?

31:02 hello tony hello jenny hello go go

31:09 what are they

31:15 they’re oranges

31:23 thank you

31:31 thank you tony

31:36 what are they they’re bananas

31:41 are they apples

31:50 yes they are [Music] are they apples

31:55 no they aren’t they’re pears

32:11 these are bananas these are oranges [Music]

32:17 these are pears

32:23 what are they they’re bananas

32:28 what are they they’re oranges

32:34 what are they they’re pears [Music]

32:44 are they bananas yes they are

32:50 no they aren’t they’re oranges are they bananas

32:57 yes they are no they aren’t they’re pears

33:04 are they bananas [Music] yes they are

33:12 that’s right they’re bananas [Music]

33:18 are they bananas yes they are

33:25 no they aren’t they’re pass

33:59that’s a banana [Music]

34:11that’s a banana [Music]

34:18they’re bananas

34:23[Music] they’re bananas

34:29that’s an orange [Music]

34:35that’s an orange

34:43they’re oranges [Music]

34:49oranges that’s an apple

34:54[Music] that’s an

35:00apple [Music]

35:06they’re apples

35:12they’re apples

35:23yes they are yes they are yes they are

35:33[Music] are they oranges

35:39yes they are yes they are

35:47yes [Music]

35:58they are yes they are are they bananas yes they are


36:20 8. HOW OLD ARE YOU?

36:22 me [Music]

36:30 so [Music]

36:49 happy birthday tony

36:55v happy birthday tony thank you go go

37:04 one two three four five six

37:09seven eight nine ten one two

37:15three four five six seven

37:20eight nine ten i’m ten how old are you

37:26i’m five how old are you jenny i’m nine



38:00one one two one two three

38:07one two three four one two

38:12three four five six [Music]

38:19no go go that’s my cake i’m sorry tony

38:25[Music] one two three four five six seven

38:32eight nine ten [Music] one two three four five six seven eight

38:40nine ten thank you go go goodbye

38:46goodbye goodbye




39:27nine ten ten


39:46four [Music]

39:52seven [Music] seven

39:58nine [Music] nine

40:05three three eight eight

40:11two two six

40:17six ten ten

40:24five five one

40:31one [Music]

40:55one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

41:03one two three four five six seven eight nine ten


41:36[Applause] [Music]

41:53what are they they’re boats

41:59boats they’re boats how many are there

42:07one two three there are three boats

42:14[Music] what are they

42:19they’re cars cars they’re cars

42:26[Music] how many are there one

42:31two three four there are four cars

42:45monkeys monkeys monkeys and bananas how many are there


43:01monkeys monkeys monkeys and bananas how many are there seven eight nine

43:12what are they they’re birds there are three birds

43:24what are they they’re planes

43:29how many are there goku one two three four

43:36five oh one

43:46[Music] there are 10 steps go go


44:05very good taffy

44:12how many are there chibi

44:27how many are they [Music] there are six eggs

44:38oh [Music]


44:58a car one car two cars


45:10how many are there there are

45:15there are four guys very good

45:21[Music] a bird

45:26one bird how many are there gb

45:34there are three birds that’s right

45:40there are three birds oh


45:56are they birds no they aren’t

46:02they’re planes [Laughter]


46:35 tony jenny hello [Music]

46:43 what’s the time please it’s two o’clock

46:50 thank you what’s this it’s a watch

46:55 a watch [Music]

47:06 what’s that it’s a clock what’s the time gurgle

47:13 one two three it’s three o’clock

47:20 that’s right it’s three o’clock [Music]

47:44 what’s the time jenny it’s four o’clock


47:57[Applause] what’s the time it’s 11 o’clock

48:04come down go go [Music]

48:11what’s the time now it’s 12 o’clock

48:16come down go go one

48:21two three four five

48:27six seven eight nine

48:3310 11 12. [Music]

48:45it’s not 12 o’clock it’s three o’clock [Music]

48:55good it’s three o’clock [Music]

49:03[Applause] oh

49:10[Music] what’s that it’s a clock

49:16what’s the time gb [Music]

49:24it’s five o’clock what’s the time tapping

49:30it’s seven o’clock

49:36what’s the time pod um

49:42it’s eleven o’clock what’s the time pod

49:49um [Music] it’s 12

49:55it’s 12 o’clock very good part

50:04[Music] what’s the time gp

50:09it’s 10 o’clock what’s the time pod

50:16it’s five o’clock very good


50:37what’s the time what’s the time what’s the time tabby it’s three o’clock it’s three

50:45o’clock it’s three a o’clock what a time watch the time watch the



51:06it’s 12 o’clock it’s 12.



51:35 11. WHAT DO YOU LIKE?

51:46 what’s that it’s a supermarket

51:53 i like supermarkets

52:01 oh

52:11i’m sorry [Music]

52:17tomatoes they’re tomatoes i like tomatoes


52:34hmm potatoes they’re potatoes

52:42i like potatoes thank you go go

52:50what’s this it’s a carrot

53:00i like carrots what’s that

53:05it’s an onion i don’t like onions beans

53:17[Music] onions




53:51i don’t like onions


54:10[Music] tomatoes

54:15potatoes [Music] carrots

54:20beans biscuits biscuits

54:27i like biscuits [Music]


54:45i like carrots tomatoes


55:05toes potatoes

55:10very good they’re potatoes [Music]

55:23i like potatoes [Music] beans they’re beans i like beans


55:40onions i don’t like onions


55:57[Laughter] i don’t like onions

56:07[Music] what do you like i like carrots what do you like

56:15i like carrots i like tomatoes i like potatoes i

56:22like beans [Music]

56:48what’s that it’s

57:08do you like birds go go yes i do [Music]

57:22wow [Music]

57:29these are sausages gogo do you like sausages [Music]


57:37 yes i do i like sausages

57:43 what are these those are donuts do you like doughnuts

57:50 [Music] yes i do

57:56 do you like donuts yes i do i like sausages

58:02 and donuts what are those go go

58:09 don’t know those are sandwiches

58:15 no thank you oh

58:38 i don’t like it

58:45 [Music]

58:55 [Music] shoes

59:15[Music] hot dogs

59:24 do you like hot dogs go go yes i do

59:34 do you like burgers yes i do

59:40 i like hot dogs and burgers

59:46 [Music]

59:53those are donuts what are those taffy

59:59those are donuts do you like donuts taffy

1:00:04yes i do

1:00:10this is a hot dog do you like hot dogs

1:00:16chibi yes i do i like hot dogs who

1:00:23one hot dog two hot dogs

1:00:28these are hot dogs

1:00:37what are those these are sandwiches do you like sandwiches

1:00:44gogo no i don’t what do you like

1:00:54those are sausages [Music]

1:01:00these are burgers i like sausages and burgers

1:01:12do you like donuts do you like burgers do you like sandwiches yes i do

1:01:20do you like hot dogs do you like sausages do you like burgers yes i do


1:01:43 13. REVISION

1:01:53oh [Music]

1:02:02 go go hi tony

1:02:20 what is it what is it what is

1:02:25it is

1:02:32 what is it what

1:02:38 is it what is it

1:02:43 hi hi [Music]

1:02:50 what’s your name my name’s tony

1:02:55 how are you tony i’m fine thanks

1:03:00 how old are you tony i’m 10.

1:03:06 what’s your name my name’s goku

1:03:11 mom mom look who are they

1:03:17 we’re tony and google he’s tony and he’s dead

1:03:23 he’s go go and he’s five [Applause] [Music]


1:03:46tony what is it

1:03:54it’s an elephant that’s right it’s an elephant

1:04:08go go is it

1:04:14it’s it’s it’s a panda

1:04:21that’s right it’s a panda


1:04:37tony what is it [Music]

1:04:45what color is it it’s red

1:04:53is it an apple no it isn’t

1:05:00go go what is it

1:05:05[Music] it’s a tomato

1:05:11that’s right yes go go it’s a tomato

1:05:18tony one go go to [Applause] [Music]

1:05:35do you like cars go go no i don’t

1:05:40do you like boots no i don’t what do you like

1:05:46i like burgers

1:05:56thank you [Music]

1:06:02thank you go go [Music]

1:06:17is it is it an apple is it a pear

1:06:23is it a monkey is this a bear what is it what

1:06:30is [Music]

1:06:49 14. HAVE YOU GOT A RULER?

1:06:52 have you got a ruler yes i have i’ve got a ruler

1:07:00 have you got a rubber yes i have i’ve got a rubber

1:07:09 have you got a pencil yes i have i’ve got a pencil

1:07:16 [Music] have you got a pen yes i have i’ve got a pen

1:07:27 have you got a notebook yes i have i got a notebook

1:07:35 [Music]

1:07:44 open the door please

1:07:49 come in tony sit down please

1:08:08 me [Applause]

1:08:15 wow what is it i don’t know

1:08:21 hello my name’s google [Laughter]

1:08:29 oh go go [Music]

1:08:45 very good sit on please girl [Music]

1:08:54 stand up please go go have you got pen [Music]

1:09:03 yes i have i’ve got a pen have you got a ruler

1:09:12 yes yes i have have you got a notebook [Music]

1:09:20 yes i have i’ve got a notebook stand up please tony

1:09:26 have you got a pen [Music] yes i have

1:09:32 oh i’m sorry i haven’t bought a pen

1:09:40 have you got a ruler no i haven’t

1:09:46 i haven’t got a ruler have you got a notebook

1:09:53 no i haven’t i haven’t got a notebook [Music]

1:10:02 go go [Music]

1:10:18db what’s this it’s a ruler that’s right

1:10:27have you got a ruler gb yes i have

1:10:34happy what’s this it’s a pencil

1:10:41have you got a pencil tapi yes i have

1:10:48pot what’s this it’s a rubber

1:10:53have you got a rubber pod yes i have

1:11:00what’s this it’s a notebook

1:11:06what’s this it’s a head

1:11:12i’ve got a pen and a notebook

1:11:21[Music] [Applause] [Music]


1:11:49 15. LET’S EAT


1:12:00[Music] jenny tidy your room please

1:12:07[Music] [Applause] [Music]

1:12:18hello jenny here you go



1:12:38let’s read [Music]

1:12:52ah [Music] [Applause]


1:13:04let’s paint [Music]

1:13:14jenny tidy your room please [Music]

1:13:21[Applause] [Music]

1:13:33let’s sing [Music]

1:13:44jenny tidy your room please [Music]


1:14:04let’s swim [Music]

1:14:11jenny tidy your room please [Music]

1:14:25oh go go i’m sorry jenny


1:14:42[Applause] [Music]

1:14:48[Applause] [Music] hmm

1:14:54[Music] very good jenny


1:15:06let’s eat okay google let’s eat


1:15:26hello let’s read

1:15:32let’s paint let’s sing

1:15:39let’s swim let’s eat

1:15:51[Music] [Applause]

1:16:01let’s read let’s let’s read and read and read let’s read

1:16:07and read and read and read and read let’s [Music]

1:16:15paint and paint let’s sing


1:16:41eat [Music]

1:16:54 16. I CAN SWIM

1:17:06can you see jenny yes i can can go go see

1:17:12no he can’t

1:17:18yes i can i can see whose heat

1:17:23his name’s gogo what can he do he can dance

1:17:36very good can he sing no he can’t

1:17:42i can have you got a pencil yes i

1:17:48can’t sing i can swim watch

1:18:01he can catch he can climb

1:18:07can he read can you read go go yes i can

1:18:13i can read hello cinderella my name is prince charming

1:18:22he called act very good

1:18:27he can fly can you fly go go

1:18:33yes i can watch [Applause] he can fly


1:18:47oh go go

1:18:56look i can dance

1:19:02look i can sing i can swim i can catch

1:19:09i can climb i can read i can fly

1:19:16and i can eat [Laughter]



1:19:50let’s dance look i can dance

1:19:57can you dance happy yes i can i can


1:20:14very good let’s climb [Music]

1:20:25i can climb i can’t climb

1:20:32can you climb pod uh uh no i can’t climb


1:20:44catch i can catch and i can

1:20:51eat [Music]

1:21:10thank you go go

1:21:16i can dance i can climb i can catch and i can fly

1:21:24can you fly can you fly no i could fly

1:21:32i can dance i can climb i can catch and i can fly

1:21:40can you fly can you fly yes i can

1:21:46fly [Music] yes i can fly

1:21:52yes i can fly


1:22:09 17. YOU’RE BIG

1:22:14 wow

1:22:32go go wait what are they they’re mirrors watch


1:22:51you’re big go go now i’m big

1:22:57i’m small [Music] now i’m small

1:23:03she’s big that’s right go go she’s big

1:23:11now i’m big that’s right now you’re big

1:23:18look at me i’m tall [Music] now you’re tall jenny

1:23:25[Music] i’m not tall

1:23:30no you aren’t tall you’re short

1:23:39look tony he’s tall

1:23:45[Music] [Applause]

1:23:50oh no he isn’t tall he’s short [Music]

1:23:58oh look come on

1:24:06you can’t throw yes i can

1:24:11look i’m old


1:24:28too [Music]

1:24:38it’s sweet it isn’t water it’s orange juice

1:24:45your turn gogo [Music] [Laughter]

1:24:52[Music] i’m hungry i’m thirsty

1:24:58i’m thirsty too thank you go go


1:25:20what’s that chibi it’s a flower go go it’s small

1:25:27chibi [Music]

1:25:33it isn’t small now gb it’s big

1:25:39it isn’t big now it’s small

1:25:44[Music] oh

1:25:50big small good


1:26:01he’s cold she’s young


1:26:13[Music] he’s five

1:26:19he’s young [Music]

1:26:27it’s 12 o’clock i’m hungry it’s 12 o’clock i’m thirsty

1:26:35let’s eat and drink

1:26:41it’s 12 o’clock i’m hungry it’s 12

1:26:47o’clock [Music]

1:26:56thank you

1:27:14 18. WE’RE HUNGRY

1:27:19 hello tony hello jenny hello go go

1:27:25 i’m hungry we’re hungry too

1:27:30 good let’s eat [Applause]

1:27:42let’s go in

1:27:59don’t pull we can sit there

1:28:13noodles curry

1:28:18soup yes

1:28:27[Applause] what’s this it’s soup

1:28:35i like soup do you like soup tony yes i do

1:28:42he likes soup do you like soup jenny yes i do

1:28:49she likes soup i like soup too


1:29:05[Music] what are they

1:29:11they’re noodles we like noodles

1:29:17they like noodles i like noodles too what’s that

1:29:23[Music] oh it’s curry

1:29:29curry is hot we don’t like curry they don’t like curry

1:29:35i like curry

1:29:46curry thank you

1:29:54this soup’s good these noodles are good too

1:30:11water it’s hot



1:30:34that’s go go

1:30:40let’s go [Music]

1:30:49we can paint [Music]

1:30:55i like yellow he likes yellow

1:31:00[Applause] i like blue

1:31:08she likes blue [Music] [Applause]


1:31:19they like green too [Music] i like red

1:31:27i like red too we light red [Music]

1:31:43they like red he likes yellow she likes blue

1:31:48we like red and they do too

1:32:09 19. SHE’ GOT A TOWEL

1:32:18hello jenny hello tony

1:32:31oh go go [Music] sorry

1:32:37[Music] wow

1:32:45he’s cold and wet have you got a towel

1:32:50no i haven’t

1:32:56she’s got a towel

1:33:03thank you look they’ve got drinks

1:33:13look has he got drinks

1:33:21[Music] yes he has he’s got drinks

1:33:29orange juice please [Music]

1:33:41oh [Music]

1:33:50have you got towels no we haven’t

1:33:55they haven’t got towels go go

1:34:00they’ve got towels now oh don’t worry

1:34:05the towels are magic look out [Music]

1:34:14have you got a camera no we haven’t

1:34:19they haven’t got a camera jenny’s got a camera

1:34:26[Music] look jenny

1:34:33he’s got an umbrella [Music]

1:34:43he hasn’t got an umbrella now

1:34:50and he hasn’t got a towel [Music] [Laughter]

1:34:59coco that’s naughty

1:35:04thank you you’re kind [Music]


1:35:15he hasn’t got a drink hmm

1:35:20[Music] thank you

1:35:34they’ve got sausages pod yes they have they’ve got sausages

1:35:45have we got sausages no we haven’t

1:35:52what have we got we’ve got eggs

1:35:57good we’ve got eggs


1:36:11she’s got an apple have we got apples

1:36:17no we haven’t

1:36:22he’s got a drink [Music] gb happy

1:36:28come here please they’ve got sausages

1:36:35we’ve got eggs she’s got an apple he’s got a drink

1:36:42[Music] they’ve got sausages we’ve got eggs he’s

1:36:49got an apple he’s got a tree they’ve got sausages

1:37:05[Music] so


1:37:21 hello go go hello tony hello jenny

1:37:30 brown go go

1:37:36 [Music] sorry jenny sorry tony

1:37:41 go go my jumper is dirty my t-shirt is dirty

1:37:54 what’s that it’s a robot what do you want

1:38:04 what do you want jenny i want a t-shirt please

1:38:10 she wants a t-shirt [Music]

1:38:23 that t-shirt is grey i don’t like gray what color do you want

1:38:30 i want orange please she doesn’t like grey

1:38:36 she wants orange

1:38:42 thank you what do you want tony i want a jumper please

1:38:55 [Music]

1:39:04 what color do you want uh i want purple please

1:39:15 [Music] [Applause]

1:39:21 i’m cold do you want a hat and a coat

1:39:26 yes please i’m cold too i want a hat and a coat

1:39:32 we’re cold we want hats and coats please they want hats and colts

1:39:42 [Music]

1:40:02do you want a hat and a coke go go i want a hat and a coat please

1:40:24[Laughter] i want a car

1:40:33what do you want chibi [Music] i want a boat please

1:40:40[Music] she wants a boat

1:40:47thank you goku what do you want tapi i want a plane please

1:40:57he wants a plane thank you go go what do you want pod

1:41:04uh i don’t know do you want a zebra

1:41:10no thank you i don’t want a zebra i don’t like zebras

1:41:16do you want a tiger no thank you i don’t want a tiger i don’t like tigers

1:41:25um i know i want an elephant please

1:41:36thank you go go i like elephants

1:41:41do you want ice creams yes we do we want ice cream

1:41:49they want ice creams i want an ice cream too

1:41:55for ice creams please [Music]

1:42:06thank you

1:42:22 21. WHERE’S GOGO?

1:42:33 hello tony how are you hello go go i’m fine thanks

1:42:41 jenny go goes here super we can play hide and seek

1:42:48 all right you hide [Music]

1:42:55 where’s goku i don’t know

1:43:03 he’s under the bed come on go go i can see you

1:43:10 hide again goku all right don’t look

1:43:16 one two three four five

1:43:22 we can look now [Music] is he under the bed

1:43:28 no he isn’t is he on the desk

1:43:33 no he isn’t is he behind the door

1:43:39 no he isn’t is he in the drawer

1:43:47 no he isn’t in the drawer is she under the pillow

1:43:54 we can’t find you go go where are you

1:44:01 he’s in the basket


1:44:15wow [Music]

1:44:28[Music] i like this game let’s play again

1:44:34no thank you [Laughter]

1:44:43[Music] look i’m on the ball

1:44:55now i’m behind the ball

1:45:03now i’m under the ball

1:45:13yeah under the egg very good gb

1:45:20i’m under the egg

1:45:28where’s the fork tabby it’s on the egg

1:45:35that’s right taffy the fork is on the egg

1:45:40the egg is under the fall

1:45:45yes pad the egg is under the fork

1:45:55the plate is on the fork [Music]

1:46:04that bowl is on the plate

1:46:09[Music] the apple

1:46:15is in the bowl [Music]

1:46:30[Applause] the elephant is on the bow

1:46:48where’s the plate the plate is on the fork where’s

1:47:02oh [Music]




1:47:36 22. WHAT’S SHE DOING?

1:47:55hello tony hello gogo what’s that

1:48:00it’s my submarine get in all right super

1:48:08look there’s jenny what’s she doing i don’t know

1:48:18she’s diving [Music] she’s not diving now

1:48:25what’s she doing she’s swimming

1:48:34hello jenny hello goku

1:48:40get in jenny

1:48:46the submarine doing it’s diving


1:48:57what can you see i can see a park

1:49:04i can see a man what’s he doing he’s walking

1:49:11i can see a boy what’s he doing he’s fishing

1:49:19you look tony thank you i can see a girl she’s running

1:49:27i can see a bridge look out go go

1:49:35the submarine is sinking don’t worry jenny



1:49:57[Music] hmm


1:50:19what’s gb doing

1:50:24she’s fishing she’s fishing


1:50:40what’s she doing she’s diving

1:50:55 what’s she doing she’s swimming

1:51:09 tap is walking

1:51:14 happy [Music]

1:51:22 [Laughter]

1:51:30 happy is running now

1:51:36 [Music]

1:51:49 [Music]

1:52:00 what [Music]

1:52:16 he’s running [Laughter]

1:52:38 23. WHAT ARE WE DOING?

1:52:47 hello tony hello jenny hello gogo

1:52:54 what are they their puppet go

1:52:59 this is her head [Music] these are her arms

1:53:09 what are these they’re her hands thank you gogo

1:53:17 these are her legs these are her feet

1:53:24 [Music] what are you doing i’m painting

1:53:31 these are his eyes these are his ears

1:53:37 this is his nose and this is his mouth

1:53:42 i like puppets what are they doing

1:53:48 they’re sitting now they’re standing can they dance go go

1:53:55 watch they can sing too

1:54:00 listen what are we doing


1:54:15behind the chairs [Music]

1:54:27what are we doing


1:54:46what are they doing now they’re sleeping [Music] tony jenny it’s time for bed

1:54:54oh it’s nine o’clock good night go go

1:55:00 good night jenny good night tony [Music]

1:55:20 what are you doing we’re painting [Music]

1:55:26 these are birds girl girl very good chibi what are they doing

1:55:33 they’re flying go go look

1:55:38 we’re reading go go very good

1:55:46 what are they doing pod they’re sleeping


1:56:02what’s that go go it’s a puppet

1:56:07head arms hands legs

1:56:13feet [Music] eyes nose

1:56:19ears mouth

1:56:24have you got arms gb yes i have

1:56:29have you got legs no i haven’t

1:56:37i’ve got eyes [Music]

1:56:44i’ve got eyes i’ve got legs and i’ve got abs

1:56:50you haven’t got years

1:56:56[Music] how many hands have you got tabby

1:57:02one two three i’ve got three hands

1:57:10have you got hands pod uh no no

1:57:17i haven’t got hands have you got legs pod

1:57:22uh no no i haven’t got legs

1:57:29[Music] i’ve got a head



1:58:07huh [Music]

1:58:18[Applause] hello tony hello jenny

1:58:25hello google what are you doing we’re building a treehouse

1:58:32can i help yes please go go you can help jenny

1:58:37what’s she doing she’s cutting the wood [Music]

1:58:43stand back please jenny

1:58:51[Music] thank you that’s all right

1:58:58ouch [Music] [Laughter] that’s tony

1:59:03he’s using the hammer what’s he doing

1:59:09he’s making the floor [Music] [Applause] can i help you tony

1:59:14yes you can [Music]

1:59:21look jenny the hammer’s hitting the nails ah jenny’s climbing up the ladder she’s

1:59:29carrying the paint and the brushes oh good we can paint the house

1:59:36what color have you got jenny white

1:59:47that’s not white it’s pink i like pink [Music]

1:59:56purple i like purple hmm this house is very small

2:00:09oh go go [Music]

2:00:23 look the opening [Music]

2:00:28that’s right gibi i’m opening the door good morning

2:00:35good morning goku come in

2:00:43what are you doing i’m closing the door


2:00:56what are tony and jenny building pod

2:01:01[Music] they’re building a tree house what are they doing they’re building a

2:01:09tree house [Music]

2:01:14tony’s making the floor what’s tony using taffy

2:01:20he’s using [Music]

2:01:33what’s jenny carrying tabby she’s carrying paint

2:01:39and brushes very good taffy i want a tree house

2:01:46do you want a tree house gb yes please and you pod yes please

2:01:55then let’s build a treehouse [Music]

2:02:04[Applause] [Music] i’m building a house i’m making the floor

2:02:10i’m painting the walls and i’m painting the door


2:02:30we can paint so let’s build a house

2:02:36let’s make a floor let’s paint the walls

2:02:56 25. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

2:03:07can you hear me tony yes i can

2:03:14i can hear you i am

2:03:21[Music] gogo’s coming [Music]

2:03:31hello tony hello go go where are you going


2:03:44where’s gogo going i don’t know

2:03:49let’s find out [Music]

2:04:00what are you looking at go go it’s a map

2:04:06[Music] let’s go


2:04:19are we going to the park no we aren’t going to the park

2:04:26[Music] are we going to the cinema

2:04:32no we aren’t going to the cinema [Music]

2:04:41where are we [Music]

2:04:50[Applause] we going to the supermarket no

2:04:55we aren’t going to the supermarket [Music]

2:05:02we’re going to the zoo super i like the zoo

2:05:12we’re not going to the zoo go go where are we going

2:05:19we’re going to the beach this isn’t the way to the beach go go


2:05:31yes it is look go go that that’s upside down

2:05:38[Music] i’m sorry [Music]

2:05:48now we’re going to the beach [Music]

2:06:03stand back please

2:06:14what’s that it’s a cinema [Music]

2:06:23that’s a supermarket that’s right chibi it’s a supermarket

2:06:36what’s that pod that’s a zoom

2:06:41[Music] that’s a park and that’s a beach


2:06:54let’s go [Music]

2:07:11where are we going where are we going we’re going to the


2:07:22we’re going to the zoo


2:07:38we’re going where are we going

2:07:45where are we going we’re going to the beach

2:07:50 beach beach we’re going to the beach

2:08:09 26. REVISION

2:08:21 look jimmy that’s a ship it’s coming this way

2:08:27 [Music]

2:08:35 i can see tony and jenny

2:08:40 tony jenny it’s google

2:08:45 hello go go hello go go how are you

2:08:50 i’m fine thanks what are you doing we’re swimming

2:09:00 can you climb up the ladder yes we can

2:09:13 i’m wet have you got a towel go go

2:09:26 thank you goku do you want a hat and a coats jenny

2:09:33 yes please google right

2:09:39 let’s go

2:09:50where are we going [Music] can you read a map tony

2:09:57yes i can good we’re going to that island

2:10:03i’m looking for treasure super let’s go

2:10:13have you got the map tony yes i have

2:10:21this is the beach those are the trees

2:10:28one two three four five

2:10:34six seven eight nine ten

2:10:41all right walk ten steps this way one

2:10:47two three four five six

2:10:52seven eight nine ten where’s the treasure

2:10:59it’s behind the tree

2:11:06 i can’t see the treasure where is it it’s under your feet

2:11:11[Laughter] [Music]

2:11:23what can you see tony i can see a box

2:11:28i can climb down the ladder [Music]

2:11:40can you open the box jenny yes i can

2:11:48what’s in it

2:12:00it’s a bird a bird

2:12:07can it sing let’s find out



2:12:37young and small you can dance [Music]

2:13:14 27. DO YOU WANT A BLANKET?

2:13:28 hello girl girl hello tony hello jenny

2:13:34 he’s not well

2:13:39 what’s the matter go go i don’t know

2:13:46 he’s changing color [Applause]

2:13:51 goku i’m sorry i’m not

2:13:56 well may i lie down yes of course

2:14:06 i’m cold may i have a blanket please

2:14:13 yes of course you may

2:14:20 thank you jenny do you want anything yes i’m thirsty

2:14:28 may i have a drink please of course you may

2:14:35 google’s not well mom may i phone the doctor is he very ill

2:14:42 he’s sneezing and changing color oh dear yes phone the doctor

2:14:56 hello what’s the matter i don’t know

2:15:02 may i touch you for it yes

2:15:08 your heart may i look at your throat yes

2:15:14 open your mouth please say ah

2:15:23 have you got a sore throat yes i have

2:15:28 take two pins after meals

2:15:34 take two pills after meals meals

2:15:41right [Music] is he very ill

2:15:47no he’s got a cold it’s not serious thank you doctor


2:16:03what are you doing [Music] i’m eating a meal now i can take my

2:16:11pills oh go go


2:16:30may we have lunch please may we have lunch please

2:16:41yes you may

2:16:48[Music] [Applause]

2:16:53[Music] may i have a burger please

2:17:01here you are [Music] [Applause]

2:17:07thank you may i have a sandwich please

2:17:14yes you may [Music]

2:17:19[Applause] thank you

2:17:25may i have a hot dog please yes you may


2:17:46[Music] may i have an orange please may i have a

2:17:51pear please yes you may

2:17:57may i have an apple piece may i have an orange piece may i have a pan please yes

2:18:05you may

2:18:20 28. WHOSE DRESS IS IT?

2:18:29 hello tony may i help you of course [Music]

2:18:39 hello my name’s gogo how are you [Laughter]

2:18:51what’s this it’s a dress whose dress is it it’s jenny’s dress

2:19:02 don’t be silly go go [Music]

2:19:09what’s this it’s a shirt [Music] [Laughter]

2:19:17 no gogo this isn’t my shirt it’s my dad’s shirt

2:19:27what’s this it’s jenny’s skirt [Music]

2:19:35these clothes are dirty what’s that

2:19:40it’s a blouse is it your blouse no it isn’t it’s mum’s

2:19:46blouse this is my sock

2:19:56you’re right tony it’s dirty this is your sock too

2:20:06phone is ringing [Music]

2:20:16socks are very dirty


2:20:33i’m sorry i can’t play now

2:20:43yes there goes here he’s helping me [Music]

2:20:48oh no bye [Music]

2:20:57gogo what are you doing i’m washing oh go go

2:21:03[Laughter] [Music]


2:21:24do you want hats oh yes [Music]

2:21:32please oh

2:21:43whose hat is this it’s my hat

2:21:48is that right tappy yes it is it’s her hat

2:21:56part is this your hat no it isn’t

2:22:02it’s his hat [Music]

2:22:08whose hat is that it’s not his hat

2:22:15it’s not her hat [Music] it’s not your hat go go

2:22:21you haven’t got a hat i know it’s my hat



2:22:45whose hat is that it’s her hat


2:23:01whose coat is that it’s his coat whose coat is that it’s her coat

2:23:09his coat her coat your coat my coat we like our coats


2:23:23so [Music]

2:23:38look that’s a big dinosaur don’t touch please sorry

2:23:46those are pretty butterflies i like their wings


2:24:02i like butterfly wings but i don’t want them thank you go go


2:24:18that’s a reindeer goku reindeer live in co countries


2:24:31he’s not a cold reindeer now he’s a hot reindeer

2:24:41this isn’t right you don’t live in hot countries


2:24:57look at those ugly faces [Music]

2:25:04[Applause] look at these little soldiers

2:25:11i like little

2:25:23i soldiers believe this what’s happening yeah

2:25:28i like this old car i don’t like old cars

2:25:33i like new cars [Music]

2:25:41do you like this car jenny yes i do i like it now


2:25:56look at the car is it an old car or a new car

2:26:01it’s an old car where are you going

2:26:07i’m going home i’m a sick man

2:26:13[Music] this is a big elephant

2:26:20this is a small elephant

2:26:26[Music] this is a small hat

2:26:33i like it [Music]

2:26:41this is a big hat i don’t like it are you thirsty

2:26:47yes i have do you want a drink yes please

2:26:54do you want a hot drink or a cold drink a hot drink please


2:27:08do you want a hot drink or a cold drink pod

2:27:13uh a cold drink i want to call drink too please


2:27:31thank you [Music]

2:27:38this is a new car this is an old


2:27:56oh [Music]

2:28:08our small boat is a green boat we like our small green boat


2:28:37 hello jenny hello goku where are you going

2:28:43 i’m going to the toy shop a toy shop may i go with you

2:28:49 of course you may

2:28:54 oh look coco i like that

2:29:05 oh

2:29:15 stop it [Music]

2:29:22 may i help you yes how much is that robot it’s a hundred

2:29:27 dollars have you got a hundred dollars jenny no i haven’t

2:29:34 how much have you got i’ve only got fifty dollars

2:29:42 i haven’t got a hundred dollars

2:29:48 what’s that jenny it’s a lorry

2:29:54 i like lorries 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80th 90th 100

2:30:06 i can buy the robot oh thank you

2:30:15 i like this laura jenny can you buy it

2:30:21 i don’t know how much is it

2:30:26 it’s two hundred dollars i can’t buy it

2:30:32 i’ve only got fifty dollars [Music]

2:30:41 i like this lorry may i buy it have you got 200

2:30:48 yes i have oh thank you [Music]

2:30:56 how much is that it’s 80 dollars i can’t buy it

2:31:02 let’s go home

2:31:09 here you are 80 thank you

2:31:27 oh goku jump in


2:31:51happy twenty

2:31:57very good tabby yes that’s twenty


2:32:21that’s not 40 that’s ten forty

2:32:27fifty [Music] sixty

2:32:35seventy 80

2:32:4390 [Music] uh

2:32:51[Music] 100

2:33:02i like this book how much is it i like this book how much is it

2:33:09is it 10 is it 20 is it 30 no it’s 40

2:33:15today i like that chair how much is it

2:33:20i like that chair how much is it is it 50 is it 60 is it 70

2:33:27no it’s 80 today i like that clock how much is it

2:33:34i like that plug how much is it is it 80 is it 90 is it 100 yes it’s 100

2:33:43today [Music]

2:33:50 31. I WANT TO GO TO THE MOON

2:33:56 may i use the telescope tony i want to look at the moon

2:34:04 [Music] hello jenny

2:34:11 hello tony hello go go what’s that

2:34:17 it’s a telescope do you want to look at the moon yes please i like the moon

2:34:27 i want to go to the moon [Music]

2:34:36 let’s go to the moon [Music]

2:34:48 i like to sit in the blue chair where do you want to go

2:34:55 we want to go to the moon

2:35:00 we want to go to the moon

2:35:06 [Music]

2:35:13 [Music]

2:35:19look at the sky the stars are very bright

2:35:27that’s the earth it’s very small


2:35:41i want to walk on the moon

2:35:51this is fun

2:36:03hello my name’s gogo she’s jenny he’s tony

2:36:12he can’t speak english

2:36:20what are you doing go go i’m trying to speak to him

2:36:29his name’s black he wants to take our pictures

2:36:35what’s he doing now he’s going to get his camera


2:36:51bye [Music] i’m tired now

2:36:56i want to go to bed

2:37:01wake up tony it’s time to get up what’s that

2:37:07it’s got three eyes oh that’s go-go’s friend


2:37:21happy what’s this i don’t know do you know gb

2:37:28no goku i don’t

2:37:36it’s a star

2:37:41it’s your style

2:37:47that’s the moon is the moon

2:37:54that’s the earth it’s the earth

2:38:01[Music] [Applause] where do you want to go

2:38:08i want to go to the moon [Music]

2:38:13where do you want to go i want to go to the moon

2:38:19[Music] where do you want to go

2:38:29[Music] where do you want to

2:38:36go to the door [Music]

2:38:43all right let’s go


2:39:00 hello tony hello jenny hello gogo

2:39:07 what are you doing we’re making kites i like kites

2:39:13 whose kite is this this one is mine and that one is hers

2:39:34 oh good go go can you make a kite

2:39:41watch me

2:39:46 [Music] let’s fly our kites

2:39:54 yes we can go to the park

2:40:06 oh go go

2:40:28 whose kite is that it’s mine

2:40:50are you alright yes i’m all right

2:40:56are those kites yours yes they’re us

2:41:02is the yellow kite yours yes it is it’s mine

2:41:08the yellow kite is hers

2:41:15is the purple kite yours yes it is it’s mine

2:41:20the purple kite is his

2:41:31let’s all fly our kites oh

2:41:37there’s no wind now we can’t fly our kites

2:41:51thank you

2:42:08[Music] look out go go

2:42:24is this book yours gb yes it is thank you goku

2:42:31the book is hers whose book is it is

2:42:37very good is this brush yours tappy

2:42:44yes it is thank you goku the brush is his the brush

2:42:54who’s is this

2:42:59it’s mine i’m sorry pod [Music]


2:43:20is his he likes to eat the book is mine

2:43:25i like to read the brush is mine i like to paint the cakes are odd we like to



2:43:53 hello jenny speaking jenny it’s ken

2:43:58 hello ken how are you i’m fine thanks jenny can you come to my birthday party

2:44:06 when is your birthday it’s july the 10th wait a moment please

2:44:19 january february um july

2:44:25 ah first second third fourth fifth

2:44:31 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

2:44:38 good i can go yes ken i can go to your party

2:44:45 see you july the 10th

2:44:55 [Music] [Applause] [Music]

2:45:01 hello google hello jenny

2:45:06 what’s this go go it’s my time machine

2:45:12 a time machine jump in


2:45:35ah are we in the past yes we are

2:45:53[Music] [Applause] [Music]

2:46:02gosh are we in the future

2:46:07yes we are you can’t pop here

2:46:14oh sorry date september 1st

2:46:19time for 15. [Music]

2:46:29where do you want to go now i know

2:46:35let’s go to a birthday party all right whoosh

2:46:42let’s go to ken’s he has good parties

2:46:47when is his birthday it’s on july the 10th

2:46:53january february march april may

2:46:59june july 1st 2nd

2:47:043rd fourth fifth sixth seventh

2:47:09eighth ninth tenth

2:47:14[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello kim happy birthday

2:47:22happy birthday ken [Music]

2:47:39[Music] when’s your birthday gb

2:47:50when’s your birthday when is it when’s your birthday when is it is it in

2:47:58january is it in february is it in march yes it

2:48:06[Music] is your birthday when is it when’s your

2:48:12birthday when is it is it in


2:48:25oh go go


2:49:06 hello tony hello jenny hello where are you going

2:49:14 i’m going around the world around the world can you take us with you

2:49:21 of course [Music]

2:49:28 have you got tickets ah no we haven’t

2:49:34 can you give us tickets of course i can give you tickets how

2:49:40 many do you want two please

2:49:50 thank you go go me your tickets please

2:49:56 thank you tony show him your ticket

2:50:02 thank you

2:50:08 may i help you yes show us to our seats please

2:50:14 certainly follow me please

2:50:22 [Music] good morning this is your pilot speaking

2:50:28 my name is captain gogo welcome to go go air

2:50:33 listen tony that’s goku’s voice he’s talking to us

2:50:38 please enjoy your flight [Applause]

2:50:48 what’s the time jenny i don’t know gogo’s gotta watch ask him


excuse me captain gogo yes can you tell me the time please

2:51:05it’s 8 45 oh no go go we’re late for school

2:51:12can you take us to school please all right

2:51:34thank you for flying go go air please fly with us again thank you

2:51:40goodbye [Music]

2:51:59tell me the time please pod uh uh three

2:52:05uh no it’s not three o’clock four

2:52:11uh no it’s not four o’clock [Music]

2:52:17it’s 3 30 pod 3 5 3 10

2:52:233 15 3 20 3 25

2:52:283 30. tell me the time now please gibi

2:52:35it’s it’s 3 3 30

2:52:403 35 3 40 3 45

2:52:47that’s right bibi it’s 3 45


2:53:08i can tell you the time it’s 3 45 gb that’s the time

2:53:15tell me the time go go tell me the time look at your watch and tell me the time

2:53:22i’m looking at my watch taffy i can tell you the time it’s 3 46 happy

2:53:30that’s that time and that’s time for tea


2:53:59hello tony hello jenny [Music]

2:54:07goku what are you doing we’re building a railway

2:54:16[Music] may i have some wheels please jenny

2:54:24i can’t see any wheels tony oh yes here are some wheels

2:54:34may i help you thank you goku of course

2:54:44gosh i like making things

2:54:49hmm what can i make i know i can make

2:54:59what can he make wait and see jenny have you got any balls

2:55:05no i’m sorry gogo i haven’t got any balls

2:55:11[Music] i’ve got some balls now

2:55:20i’ve got some nails too ah do you want any balloons gogo oh yes

2:55:29i want some balloons please [Music]

2:55:37i want to know wait a minute jenny

2:55:42go on go go i want some cups

2:55:49do you want any cards can’t what a card

2:56:00oh yes i want some cards please

2:56:08go go what are you making [Music] now i want a hammer a teapot

2:56:16and an egg now i’m ready

2:56:22[Music] what is it



2:56:59i like eggs [Music] [Laughter]

2:57:12what’s that girl it’s a machine it’s a big machine what could it do

2:57:20watch [Music] happy have you got any eggs happy have

2:57:30you got any [Music] got eggs eggs

2:57:40you’ve got some eggnog yes i’ve got some eggs now

2:57:48please put them here gb have you got any balls gb have you

2:57:57got any balls [Music]

2:58:13please put them here [Music]

2:58:35[Laughter] [Music] [Laughter]


2:59:00hello tony hello jenny hello gogo

2:59:06what are you doing i’m washing the dishes i’m drying them

2:59:11what’s that it’s a saucepan aha

2:59:17good i’m hungry may i make some soup all right

2:59:23what do you want to put in it let me think

2:59:28have you got any meat yes there’s some meat in the fridge

2:59:40good have you got any oil there’s some oil in this bottle

2:59:49do you want any pepper yes please and some salt

2:59:54that’s a good idea thank you

3:00:01[Music] some water

3:00:11some curry powder

3:00:18[Music] a fish

3:00:24[Music] some jam [Music]

3:00:31some cheese [Music] some tomato sauce

3:00:38do i want any sugar yes i like sugar

3:00:45some sugar hmm


3:01:07go go what’s in this soup ah some meat some pepper some jam

3:01:15some cheese a fish some sugar some

3:01:21oh go go we don’t like this soup i do

3:01:28you may have ours thank you

3:01:33[Laughter] [Music]


3:01:48hello hello google it’s 12 o’clock i’m hungry

3:01:57i’m hungry too i’m hungry too

3:02:02evie are you hungry yes i’m very hungry

3:02:08let’s make a sandwich [Music]

3:02:14have we got any bread any bread any bread have we got any bread any bread

3:02:21[Music] we haven’t got any bread yes we have yes

3:02:27we have we’ve got some bread now have we got any butter any butter any butter

3:02:34have we got any butter any butter no we haven’t snow we haven’t we haven’t

3:02:40got any butter yes we have


3:02:54no we haven’t no we haven’t we haven’t

3:03:02[Music] it’s a big sandwich

3:03:16my sandwich is very big coco my sandwich is very big too

3:03:23my sandwich is very big too

3:03:30thank you [Music]


3:03:56look jenny there’s go go he’s riding a camel

3:04:03hello tony hello jenny where are you going goku

3:04:08i’m going to egypt do you want to come yes please

3:04:16get on jenny may i help you no thank you goku i can get on easily

3:04:23i can get on easily too egypt’s a long way go go

3:04:31camels move slowly this camel doesn’t move slowly

3:04:37this camel moves quickly watch [Music]

3:04:47gosh you’re right go go your camel moves quickly very quickly

3:04:56let’s go into the pyramid i can’t see your way in

3:05:01we can’t go in [Music]

3:05:12[Music] let’s go in


3:05:34it’s beautiful hold it carefully jenny it’s old

3:05:41no jenny don’t touch it [Music]

3:05:48look the door’s closing [Music]

3:05:56i’m sorry what can we do


3:06:16look carefully tony don’t talk loudly jenny talk quietly all

3:06:24right sorry [Music]

3:06:35[Applause] thank you go go


3:06:50this boat is moving slowly

3:06:56[Music] it’s moving quickly now

3:07:02yes it is let’s go home for lunch i like lunch

3:07:08[Music] [Laughter] [Music]

3:07:24i can dance too play your drum quickly pod uh

3:07:30quickly yes quickly ah

3:07:37quickly i can’t dance quickly

3:07:44sorry gb play your drums slowly pod

3:07:50slowly [Music]

3:07:57now let’s sing

3:08:03play your drums slowly you can play slowly i’m playing my drum slowly slowly

3:08:11slowly play your drums

3:08:17[Music] quickly sing your song quietly you can

3:08:24sing quietly i like to sing quietly quietly quietly sing your song loudly


3:09:06hello tony well jenny she’s on stage look she’s playing the


3:09:18go go no come back that’s jenny i’m her friend

3:09:31[Applause] i’m sorry jenny that’s all right

3:09:37and now ladies and gentlemen please welcome tony the magician

3:09:44what are you going to do i’m going to do some magic tricks

3:09:50what trick is he going to do he’s going to take a rabbit out of his hat

3:09:56oh my first trick i’m going to take a rabbit out of this

3:10:01hat there is nothing in the hat there is nothing up my sleeves

3:10:09i’m going to say a magic rhyme rabbit rabbit soft and white

3:10:17jump out of this hat tonight

3:10:24where’s the rabbit

3:10:32oh jenny what’s he going to do poor tony i don’t know

3:10:39help him please goku [Music]

3:10:49oh tony may i do a trick

3:10:56all right and now ladies and gentlemen please welcome my friend

3:11:03go go what are you going to do go go i’m going to make tony disappear

3:11:11ladies and gentlemen i am now going to make my friend tony

3:11:16disappear watch carefully please

3:11:22[Music] [Applause]

3:11:28where’s tony oh yes uh

3:11:34uh [Applause]

3:11:40where am i help think google think

3:11:48ah i remember

3:11:55go go sorry tony

3:12:02[Music] let’s have a concert

3:12:10oh yes google i like concerts

3:12:17may i go first all right gb [Music]

3:12:27what are you going to do gp what

3:12:44 what are you going to do tapi what are you going to do

3:12:50 i’m going to go go i’m going to do

3:12:58 dum dum dum what are you going to do

3:13:04 hot what are you going to do i’m going to sleep go go i’m going to

3:13:13 sleep [Music]

3:13:18 what are you going to do what are you going to do

3:13:25 i’m going to do magic tricks my friends i’m going to do magic tricks

3:13:45 39. REVISION

3:14:03 hello jenny hello tony hello goku

3:14:09 [Music] g tv

3:14:15 what does it mean go go tv of course

3:14:22 i’m going to the airport now do you want to come yes please

3:14:27 good get in

3:14:39 hey

3:14:57 can you help me please tony of course go go

3:15:08 let’s ask him some questions

3:15:18 [Music] excuse me may i ask you some questions

3:15:24 all right ca n you see me tony

3:15:30 yes go go i can see you clearly can you hear me jenny

3:15:40 can you hear me jenny [Music]

3:15:45yes don’t speak loudly ready

3:15:51 yes we’re ready [Music] hello i’m gogo

3:15:57 i’m speaking to zach uh how old are you zack

3:16:03 i’m nearly 11. uh when’s your birthday my birthday’s in

3:16:08 december that’s 11 and his birthday’s in december

3:16:17[Applause] listen they like me

3:16:23 i’m going to sing now he’s going to sing what are you going to sing zach

3:16:30i’m going to sing a new song zack is going to sing a new song

3:16:35 have you got a guitar

3:16:41 zack has got a guitar [Music]

3:16:50 he’s playing his guitar he’s getting ready he’s opening his mouth he’s going to

3:16:56 sing do you like singing oh talking be quiet

3:17:06 i’m not going to sing now [Music]

3:17:16 i like singing let’s sing let’s

3:17:25 sing and see sing and sing and sing [Music]

3:17:41thank you go go good night from all of us at gogo tv

3:17:58 good night my friends good night it’s time to go to bed

3:18:06 it’s time to sleep it’s time to dream good night my friends good night

3:18:14 good night [Music]

3:18:30 thank you for watching sleep well say good night happy good night say goodnight gb

3:18:39 say good night pod good night good [Music]

3:18:46 night good night

3:19:13do [Music]

3:19:45 you

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