Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: First Scene

D: I should’ve known you would have been here Professor McGonagall.
Mc: Good evening Professor Dumbledore. Are the rumors true Albus?
D: I’m afraid so Professor. The good and the bad.
Mc: And the boy?
D: Hagrid is bringing him.
Mc: Do you think it wise to trust Hagrid w/ something as important as this?
D: Ah, Prof. I would trust Hagrid w/ my life
Hag: Professor. Dumbledore, sir. Professor McGonagall.
D; No problems I trust Hagrid?
Hag: No, sir. Little tyke fell asleep as we were flying over Bristol. Try not to wake him. There you go.
Mc : Albus, do really think it’s safe leaving him with these people? I’ve watched them all day. There’re the worst sort of Muggles imaginable. They really are- —
D: The only family he has.
Mc: This boy will be famous. There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name.
D: Exactly. He’s far better off growing up away from all of that. Until he is ready. There, there Hagrid. It’s not really goodbye after all. Good Luck, Harry Potter.

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