Контрольная работа №1 для студентов-математиков и пользователей ПК

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Перед вами образец контрольной работы для студентов математических факультетов вузов .


I. Translate into Russian:

1) manipulating and distributing data, 2) to provide  useful information, 3) primary storage, 4) to fail to meet the requrements, 5) raw facts collected from various sources, 6) to store at a particular location in primary memory.


II .  Translate into English :  

1)      программное обеспечение, 2) проверка точности данных, 3) вводить (печатать) при помощи клавиатуры , 4) хранить информацию, 5) приводить данные в сжатую форму (уменьшать до сжатой формы), 6) преобразовывать данные в информацию.


IV.   Make the following sentences active:

1.       Peripheral devices can be attached to the computer.

2.       Computer instructions are also called programs.

3.       This work is usually performed manually.

4.       Computers are used to monitor environmental problems.

5.       Today the lives of most of us are affected by computers every day.

6.       This program was damaged by a computer virus.

7.       The ‘crash behavior’ of the airplane was determined by the scientists.

8.       This monitor was designed by Dell Corp.


V .  Make the following sentences passive:

1.       Hardware also includes peripheral devices.

2.       Educators use computers in the classroom.

3.       Scientists can build computer models of airplane crashes.

4.       Today many businesses and organizations own computers.

5.       These organizations use computers for different purposes.

6.       Computers can process data in a fraction of time.

7.       Engineers use computers to design replacement for the damaged bones.

8.       Computers are changing our language.


VI. Write a question to each sentence starting with the word given.

1) Each machine is assembled by hand. (How …?)

2) Many software packages are often bundled into the system at the time of purchase. (When…?)

3) A standard telephone has been installed in our office. (What kind of telephone …?)

4) This operating system was loaded into the computer last week. (What …?)


6. Complete the text with expressions from the box:


a) interprets, b) microprocessor, c) functional unit, d) control unit, e) execution units, f) architecture, g) chip, h) central processing unit  


Central processing unit

The 1)______ (CPU) is the part of a computer that 2) ________and carries out the instructions contained in the software. In most CPUs, this task is divided between a 3)_________ that directs program flow and one or more 4) _________ that perform operations on data. Almost always, a collection of registers is included to hold operands and intermediate results.

When every part of a CPU is on a single physical integrated circuit, it is called a 5) __________. Practically all CPUs manufactured today are microprocessors.

The term CPU is often used vaguely to include other centrally important parts of a computer such as caches and input/output controllers, especially when those functions are on the same microprocessor 6) __________as the CPU.

Manufacturers of desktop computers often erroneously describe the entire personal computer (the system unit or sometimes white box including the computer case and the computer hardware it contains) as the CPU. Rather, the CPU, as a 7) __________, is that part of the computer which actually executes the instructions (add, subtract, shift, fetch, etc.).

A family of CPU designs is often referred to as a CPU 8) _________.


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