Упражнение на аудирование по сказке «Little Red Riding Hood»

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Упражнение на аудирование по аудиозаписи сказки «Little Red Riding Hood» (на английском языке)

Exercise. Listen to the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood” and fill in the blanks with the missing words.

Упражнение. Прослушайте сказку «Красная шапочка» на английском языке и заполните пропуски в тексте словами и выражениями из таблицы.

was not to be trusted, wander through the forest, set out right away, more than kittens love mischief, at the edge of a very large forest, as if you were on your way to school, how to get there

Once upon a time (and it was a very long time ago) ________________ there was a tiny village. At the end of the village, on the end of the forest, lived a little girl and her mother. The girl’s grandmother loved her granddaughter ___________________ and had made her a beauttiful red cloak with a hood. The little girl wore the velvet riding cloak everywhere she went. She wore it so often that the other villages called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother asked her to take a basket of good food to her grandmother who was feeling sick. ‘Go quickly dear, and don’t _______________,’ she told her little daughter,’Stay on the path. Grandmother is waiting.’ Little Red Riding Hood promised to go straight to her grandmother’s. She put on her red cloak and _______________. The grandmother’s house was deep in the heart of the forest, but  Little Red Riding Hood knw what path to take and she was not afraid to walk alone. She was not even afraid when she met a wolf. ‘Good morning!’ said the wolf. ‘Good morning, Wolf!’ said Little Red Riding Hood. Now the wolf, as you probably know, _________________ , but he was very polite when he spoke to Little Red Riding Hood. ‘Where are you gouing, little girl?’ the wolf asked. ‘To Grandmother’s house,’ she said. ‘I’m taking this basket of food to her because she is sick.’ She aswered all his questions happily. She even told the wolf where her grandmother lived and ________________. While she chatted the wolf was thinking about how much he would like to eat Little Red Riding Hood and her basket of food. As the wolf walked at Little Red Riding Hood, he said: ‘You’re marching along ________________! You should play a while and pick some flowers!’ Little Red Riding Hood looked around her. She saw what a pretty day was and that the wolf was right — she should enjoy the morning and pick some wild flowers for her grandmother.

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