Оффлайн-тест, проверяющий уровень владения английским языком

 Оффлайн-тест на знание английской грамматики «Весёлые альпинисты», проверяющий уровень владения английским языком

Вы можете пройти этот тест также в формате «онлайн» (с автоматической проверкой выполненного вами теста системой). Для этого перейдите по следующей ссылке.

Этот тест поможет вам определить свой уровень владения английским языком (преимущественно в плане грамматики). Почему альпинисты? Узнаете в конце тестирования. Если вы хотите более «правильной» диагностики, не пользуйтесь словарями, поисковыми системами Интернета и т. д. (вы сможете это сделать после диагностики). Диагностику вы сможете провести самостоятельно после прохождения теста, следуя инструкциям. Максимальное время прохождения теста — 40 минут. Если не успели, заканчивайте там, где остановились. Ну, готовы? Возьмите лист бумаги и ручку, чтобы записывать правильные ответы. Не отвлекайтесь, закройте дверь комнаты, выключите телевизор, приступаем:


1. George is French. … a French boy.
a. It is b. She is c. He is d. I am
2. This is a notebook. Those … notebooks.
a. is b. am c. are d. be
3. I’m Russian. …  English?
a. You b. Are you c. Am I d. You’re
4. I speak Italian. She … Japanese.
a.does speak b. speaking c. speaks d. speak
5. «What …?» «I’m a student.»
a. do you b. do you do c. you d. you do
6. Sorry, I … understand.
a. am not b. not c. no d. don’t
7. » … I have a table for two please?» «Sure.»
a. Would b. Must c. Could d. Do
8. Where … now?
a. she is studying b. is she studying c. studies she d. she studying
9. That isn’t your umbrella. It’s ….
a. her b. my c. him d. mine
10. Look at that cloud. It … rain.
a. is b.  does c. is going to d. has
11. No, I don’t want … carrots.
a. some b. a c. no d. any
12. «Where …  at the weekend?» «I was in the country.»
a. you were b. were you c. you d. you was
13. «Why not go to Madame Tussauds?» «I … there yesterday»
a. went b. go c. gone d. going
14. «Where … you yesterday?» «I didn’t go anywhere.»
a. went you b. did you went c. did you go d. was you go
15. You … work hard to pass the examination.
a. have to b. can c. are d. may
16. His English is very good. He speaks Italian …, too.
a. badly b. bad c. good d. well
17. I … to Spain.
a. never been b. never was c. have never been d. wasn’t ever
18. Jane… the tickets.
a. has already bought b. already bought c. is already bought d. already buys
19. Don’t go out. It … rain.
a. should b. might c. would d. is
20. Freddy … with a girl when I saw him.
a. speak b. speaking c. speaks d. was speaking
21. My cousin … for my birthday.
a. gave me a camera b. gave to me a camera c. gave a camera me d. me gave a camera
22. The woman … came yesterday is very rich.
a. she b. who c. which d. than
23. Tom is good at football but John is … .
a. gooder b. well c. good d. better
24. Mary… since she left school.
a. was working b. works c. has been working d. will work
25. «Please be patient.» He told me … .
a. to be patient b. be patient c. that be patient d. that I be patient
26. «I’m a shop assistant.» She told me that … a shop assistant.
a. I was b. I am c. she was d. she is
27. Annabel will come to tea if you … her.
a. asks b. ask c. asked d. will ask
28. I am not as fast as you. You are … than I am.
a. as fast b. faster c. more fast d. fast
29. «…Gone with the Wind?» «Yes, I saw it on Saturday.»
a. Did you see b. Have you seen c. Will you see d. Do you see
30. When I was a child I … a lot of  chocolate.
a. use eat b. eat c. used to eat d. am used to eat
31. The school … last year.
a. was built b. has built c. built d. is built
32. Mary enjoys … in Dublin.
a. living b. to live c. having living d. when lived
33. I think you’d better … to the doctor.
a. to go b. go c. going d. went
34. Dinner will be ready for you when you … home.
a. gets b. get c. will get d. shall get
35. If I were you, …this dress.
a. I’d buy b. I buy c. I’ll buy d. I had bought
36. «Have you washed the dishes?» Mum asked me … .
a. have I washed the dishes b. if I have washed the dishes c. if I had washed the dishes d. If I washed the dishes
37. They … so much they could hardly move.
a. eating b. had eaten c. have eaten d. were eating
38. I like her. She makes me …
a. laughing b. laughter c. to laugh d. laugh
39. Would you mind … me a pencil, please?
a. give b. giving c. to give d. having given
40. What about … to the movies tonight?
a. go b. to go c. going d. we go
41. I … here for 7 days in June.
a. will be b. will c. ‘ll have been d. will have
42. I wish I … a lot of money.
a. had b. have c. will have d. would have
43. His car is rather dirty. He …. it before he took us for a ride.
a. had washed b. has washed c. should have washed d. would wash
44. If you … gone to the party you would have seen her.
a. had b. would have c. have d. should have
45. «Where isTrafalgar Square?» She asked me where … .
a. Trafalgar Square was b. is Trafalgar Square c. Trafalgar Square d. was Trafalgar Square
46. The streets are wet. It … raining.
a. must have b. must have been c. had to d.must to be
47. He doesn’t have time to tile his bathroom himself, so he ….
a. is being tiled the bathroom b. is having the bathroom tiled c. is going to tile the bathroom d. is having tiled the bathroom
48. I’d rather you … later. I’m all tied up.
a. would call back b. will call back c. called back d. had called back
49. If you … there again, what would you do?
a. will go b. went c. going d.will have gone
50. «Can I phone you at 7.00?» «No, it’s too early. I  … .»
a.would sleep then b.will have slept then c. will sleep then d. will be sleeping then

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