Фразы учителю английского языка: проводим урок онлайн (Classroom English)

«I’ve just turned on my camera, so hopefully you can see me».

«Good evening, good to see you here».

«I’m just going to start screensharing».

«Sorry, this connection is terrible. I can barely see/hear you»

Hopefully, you can see me still».

«I’ll just move my panel down to the bottom so that I can see you».

«The chat has disappeared. Let’s find the chatbox».

«Okay, great. Thaty looks like I’m just about set up and ready to go».

«Sorry, my net is really playing up».

«Sorry, the connection keeps breaking».

«Sorry, the connection is dropping».

«The internet connection is slow».

«So, over to you, Nick».

«Can you hear me okay? Can you type «yes» if you can hear okay into the chat? Just to check that you’re with me».

«That’s great. Perfect. Great. Thanks very much. Okay».

«Got a bit of a dry throat today, so hopefully, my voice will hold out throught this».

«Mute/Unmute your microphones, please».

«So this session is on (the topic of your class)«.


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