Английский: чтение. Задание по сказке «Little Red Riding Hood».

Упражнение на развитие навыков чтения

(по сказке “Little Red Riding Hood” на английском языке)

Exercise. Read the words and phrases from the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood” and think in which context they might be used. Then read the text below and fill in the blanks with the missing words and phrases from the table.

Упражнение. Прочитайте слова и фразы из сказки “Little Red Riding Hood” и подумайте, в каком контексте их можно было бы употребить. После этого прочитайте текст сказки и заполните пропуски словами из таблицы.

ran from the path into the forest to gather flowers


remember your manners

saw the hunter standing there with this big gun ready to fire.

sound asleep

stay on the path

who could not do enough for her

a delicious-looking little girl

a good half-hour

Grandmother, as long as I live I will never again leave a path in the woods, and from now on I will always do what mother says.

there’s plenty of time

to bring that all the way here just for me

was out of sight

went out and brought back three big stones which she put in the wolf’s stomach

what a ferocious beast he was

while you pick some flowers

had a long walk ahead of her

he had to get Little Red Riding Hood to stop for a while

hilled, popped her into his mouth and swallowed her whole

to get a nice bouquet of flowers

to shoot the wolf dead

two such good meals on the same day

under three big oak trees

Wakie, wakie, you nasty old wolf!

horribly big mouth

I can eat them both

After all, the flowers are for your grandmother

and a bottle of wine in it

arm, and her right

as if you were going to school

called out to her

don’t sound like yourself

for just a few minutes

go looking into every corner of the house

grandmother had her cake and wine and the hunter had caught his wolf

I don’t be late

I’ve never heard the old woman snoring so loudly

if I  may be so bold as to ask

lift the latch

Little Red Riding Hood’s head popped out, then her left

lost all track of time

made off for her grandmother’s house

might fall out on the ground

never having seen anything like him before

not to leave the path

on my way

pulled the bed covers up over his chin

pulled the curtain on the bed

put her night cap over his head

put the grandmother’s nighty on

stop and pick a few

stumble over a rock

take care of herself

than he sprang from the bed, grabbed the astonished

that fitted perfectly over the child’s head

that looked even prettier

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was so sweet that everyone loved her, especially her grandmother 1)__________. She loved her so much. Once she gave the little girl a little a red cap with a hood 2)___________, and the little girl liked it so much that she wore it every time she went out.

After a while everyone for miles around began to call her “Little Red Riding Hood”.

One day the little girl’s mother 3)____________.

“Little Red Riding Hood! Little Red Riding Hood! Come here, I have something to give you”.

“What is it, Mother?”

“Here is a basket with some cake 4)___________for your grandmother. I want you to take it to her today, because she is sick and very weak and cannot 5)___________”.

“Yes, Mother.”

“Now I want you to leave right away, so it’s not too late when you come back home”.

“I promise to be home before dark”.

“Good. And be sure you 6)___________. Don’t wander around in the woods, or you might 7)___________ and drop the basket and the cake 8)___________and the bottle of wine would break and poor grandmother would have nothing.”

“That would be terrible. I’ll be careful, Mother, I promise.”

“And when you get to grandmother’s house, 9)____________ – be sure to say “good morning”. Don’t  10)_________ first.”

“I’ll be very polite, Mother, don’t worry.”

“Yes, dear, I am sure you will.”

“Bye, Mother.”

“Bye-bye, dear”.

Now Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother lived 11)___________ from the village, so Little Red Riding Hood 12)__________ through the woods.  When she had walked for fifteen minutes, she came upon a Big Black Wolf, but 13)___________ , she didn’t know 14)___________ and that he loved to eat pretty little girls when he was hungry.

“R-r-r… Good morning, little girl.”

“Good morning, sir.”

“What’s your name, if I may ask?”

“Little Red Riding Hood, sir.”

“And what brings you into the woods on such a fine morning?”

“Oh, I am 15) ___________ to visit my grandmother.”

“And what do you have  in the basket there,  16)____________?”

“Oh, that’s for Grandmother, some cake and a bottle of wine. Grandmother’s too sick and weak to take care of herself, so I am taking her something to eat and drink.”

“How sweet. And where does your grandmother live? Very far from here?”

“A good fifteen minutes, I should think. Her house is 17)___________. And there’s a pretty little hedge all around it. You can’t miss it.”

Now the wolf was growing very hungry, and he thought to himself: “M-m-m. What 18)__________, with a red riding hood, she is so nice and tender that she should taste much better than the old grandmother. I must be very cunning, though,  so 19)___________.”

“Do you mind if I walk along with you, dear, 20)__________?”

“Not at all, but we must hurry. 21) ___________, you know.”

So the wolf walked away with Little Red Riding Hood who had no idea how wicked the wolf really was. After a while the wolf got so hungry he decided to run ahead to the grandmother’s house and eat her first. But to give himself enough time 22)____________.

“Just a minute, Little Red Riding Hood, there’s no need to go so fast. Look at the beautiful flowers all around us. Why don’t you  23)___________ to take to your grandmother? I am sure they’d make her very happy.”

“They are very pretty, but…”

“You’re walking 24)__________. Stop for a while and listen to the birds singing in the trees 25)____________.”

“But my mother told me 26)____________.”

“It’s all right. Your grandmother’s house isn’t much farther. I am sure your mother wouldn’t mind. 27)___________, aren’t they?”

“Yes, that’s true. And it would make Grandmother very happy 28)__________. But mother told me to hurry, so I get home before it’s very late.”

“Don’t worry, it’s early yet, and 29)___________.”

“Yes, I suppose, you are right. Very well, then.”

So Little Red Riding hood forgot all about what her mother had said and 30)__________.

As soon as she had picked one, she saw another, a little farther away, 31) __________. In this way she wandered farther and farther from the path and 32)___________. The wolf waited and when Little Red Riding Hood 33)__________, he ran as fast as he could to the grandmother’s house and knocked on the door.

“Who’s there? Who’s there knocking at my door?”

“It’s me, Grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood, I’ve brought you some cake and a nice bottle of wine. Let me in.”

“You 34)__________, my dear, what’s wrong with your voice?

“I’ve got a cold, Grandmother, a terrible cold.”

“Oh, I see. Of course, dear. How nice to have come and see me. I am afraid, you’ll have to let yourself in, dear. I am too weak to come to the door. Just 35)___________, dear, and the door will open.”

The wolf opened the door and ran straight to the old woman’s bed and swallowed her whole.


“No! No! Don’t eat me, please!”

Then the wolf 36)____________and 37)____________to cover his ugly face as best he could. He lay back on the big pillows and 38)____________to cover him still more and waited for Little Red Riding Hood.

In the meantime Little Red Riding Hood had picked all the flowers she could carry and 39)_____________. When she arrived, she was surprised to see that the door was wide open.

“Grandmother, are you there?

“Yes, dear, I am right here in bed. Close the door and come in.”

Little Red Riding Hood had a strange feeling in her stomach that something was not quite right. But she did as the wolf said and entered the room.

“How nice to see you, my dear. What have you got there?”

“Some cake and wine, Grandmother.”

Little red Riding Hood walked slowly to the big bed and opened the curtain. The wolf 40)____________to try to hide himself a little better.

“Why, thank you, my dear. How nice of you 41)______________.”

“Grandmother, what big ears you have!”

“All the better to hear you with, my dear.”

“And, Grandmother, what big eyes you have!”

“All the better to see you with, my dear.”

“But, Grandmother, what big hands you have!”

“All the better to hold you with, my sweet.”

“And, Grandmother, what a 42)___________you have!”

“All the better to eat you with, sweetie pie!”

No sooner had the wolf said that 43)_____________.

“No, no, please! Help! Help!”


Now the wolf became very tired, because it wasn’t very often that he had 44)____________. So he crawled back into grandmother’s bed, pulled the covers up over his big bulging stomach and fell fast asleep.


After a short while a hunter walked past the house and heard the wolf’s loud snoring.


“That’s strange. 45)____________. I wonder if something could be wrong with her.”

The hunter went inside the house to see if the old woman needed help. He walked up to the bed and there, to his surprise, he found the wolf 46)___________.

“So, there you are, you old troublemaker, I’ve been looking all over for you. What have you done with the old woman?”


The wolf didn’t answer, of course, because he was in a deep sleep.

The hunter wanted 47)____________, but he decided against it, because he thought the grandmother might be inside him. Instead he took a large pair of scissors out of his bag and cut the sleeping wolf’s stomach open. After the first few cuts he saw a little patch of red. He cut a little further and 48)___________, and soon she was free.

“Oh, Mister Hunter, thank goodness you came to set us free. Cut further, please — Grandmother is still inside. It was so dark inside and I was so afraid.”

The hunter cut into the sleeping wolf some more and soon the grandmother popped out as well.

“Oh, heavens, what an awful place that was!”

While the grandmother explained to the hunter what had happened, Little Red Riding Hood 49)___________. And the grandmother sewed him up with her needle and thread just as if he were a big rag doll.

“Ha-ha-ha! There you are, mister Wolf. We want to see how far you get with those three big stones in your belly.”

And she slapped his face to make him wake up.

“50)_____________Let’s see you try to escape from the hunter now!”

“A-a-a! What are you doing? Stop, stop slapping me, will you, stop it!”

Finally the wolf opened his eyes and 51)_____________, Frightened to death, he jumped up to run away, but the stones were so heavy, he couldn’t move. Instead  he fell heavily to the floor and died on the spot.


The grandmother and the hunter were now very happy – 52)_____________. As for Little Red Riding Hood, she sat and thought and thought.

“What are you thinking so hard about, my child?”


“That’s a good girl. 54)___________.”

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