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Exercise. Read the text «A Road Accident» (in English) and fill the blanks with the missing words with the words from the box. Then  listen to check.

Упражнение. Прочитайте текст «A Road Accident» на английском языке и заполните пропуски словами из таблицы. Затем прослушайте текст онлайн и проверьте, правильно ли вы выполнили упражнение.

getting over
came round the corner
heavily, a great deal
near the top of the hill
having difficulty in controlling it
while I took care
came round
gathered round

A Road accident 

It was raining 1)_________ as I was walking up the hill towards the station at six o’clock on a Saturday morning. At this early hour there wasn’t much ________   and there weren’t many people in sight. Just as I was crossing the road _____________a car ___________. It was traveling very fast and the diver was obviously ___________. Suddenly it __________ violently, skidded on the wet road, hit a _________ and turned over. At once I ran to the car to ________ the driver, but he was unconscious and there was a lot of blood on his face. A young woman _________ into the station and phoned for an ambulance ________ of the driver. A number of other people ___________ the car, but there wasn’t ________ we could do. A policeman arrived a few minutes later and asked me a lot of questions about the accident. Shortly afterwards the man __________ and he was _________ quietly when the ambulance ________ at high speed and rushed him away to hospital. On Monday morning I went to the hospital to __________ about the man. They told me that his ________ were not serious after all and that he was rapidly __________ the effects of the accident.

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