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The Victorian House


Welcome! We invite you to explore this beautiful example of Queen Ann style architecture, home of the Holmes County Historical Society. The house serves a dual purpose. Besides the showcase of Victorian living, the house contains many displays of Holmes County historical artifacts.

As you step through the massive front door, you will be swept back in time. The foyer with its massive white oak staircase and custom-designed light fixtures will be the start of a fascinating tour of Victorian splendour. See the modern technology that was built into the house, such as the central intercom system. Custom-designed chandeliers, made for gas and electric, modern bathroom with tub and shower and the basement complete with sauna and steam room. The house was built by a wealthy industrialist L.H. Brightman from Cleveland, Ohio. It is written, he was to build the most impressive house in Millersburg and it is still the grandest house in town.

The house has been featured in Victorian Homes magazine and chosen by the producers of HGTV’s Victorian America as one of the finest examples in America of Queen Ann architecture. It is impressive by all standards: twenty-eight rooms, four floors, ninety-seven windows, and over 6 000 square feet. Every year the holidays take on a special glow in the Victorian house where community businesses, organizations and private individuals transform their house into Holidays at the mansion. Each room is decorated in Victorian style and many special events and many special events and programmes are scheduled throughout the season.

So while visiting historic Millersberg plan on spending sometime and take a trip back in time when Victorian was a way of life. Drawing a prosperous period in our history the museum opens for tours in April on weekends only and every day except Monday May through October from 1 to 4.
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