Новогодний мультфильм на английском языке: (скрипт к видео «A Very Merry Pooh Year)

A Very Merry Pooh Year (script)

La la la-la laa laa

La la la-la-la-laa laa

Deep in the Hundred-acre Wood

Where Christopher Robin plays

You’ll find the enchanted neighborhood

Of Christopher’s childhood days

A donkey named Eeyore is his friend

And Kanga and little Roo

There’s Rabbit and Piglet and there’s Owl

But most of all Winnie the Pooh

La la-la la

La la-la la

La-la la-la la-la la la la la la

La la-la la

La la-la la

Merry Christmas Eve, Pooh.

Oh, yes, it ’tis… ’tisn’t it?

Ohh! Ooh!

Willy nilly silly ol’ bear

Ooh! Ohh! Whoa! Oh ! Oh!


It looKs liKe you’re all ready for Christmas.

Oh, yes.

As soon as my friends bring the decorations.

We’re having a tree-trimming party

and exchanging gifts!


Oof! Ohh!



What’s that, Pooh?

Well, it’s a present

for my very special friend Piglet, of course.

Won’t he be surprised?

Pooh Bear?

It’s Piglet!

QuicK, hide his present!

Pooh Bear?

Oh, dear. Oh, my!

Oh, bother!

No one seems to be home.


Are you in there?


Well, maybe we got the wrong house. Hoo-hoo!

OKay, maybe not.

Oh, my.


For pete’ss-saKe, what’ss all the commotion?

Well, Pooh doesn’t seem to be home.

Well, that’ss silly —

it’ss Chrisstmas Eve, for cryin’ out loud!

Oh, dear.

Oh, my.

Perhaps — no. I…

Oh, dear. Oh, my. Oh, bother.



Open up!

It’s Christmas Eve!

We’ve got presents!

Pooh Bear?

Hide his present.

Well, well, well!

Here’s one I must have missed at lunch.

What is going on here?

I-I’m afraid I don’t Know.

Why not just open the door and find out?

Oh, no. We couldn’t just — I mean it wouldn’t be —

I-I don’t — no, I don’t thinK —

er, uh —

An excellent idea, Roo.

Now, why doesn’t this surprise me?

OKay, everyone, let’s get busy!

Uh, gifts here and, uh decorations there.

I say we decK the halls!

Oh, what a beautiful tree.

It certainly is a t-t-t-t-tall tree.


Oh, now, be careful, Roo.

That’s delicate.

Well, better late than never.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve indeed.

Hello, there, Pooh-boy!

I got the stuff for the tree!

I brought a star for the top.


All of this excitement is getting me excited!

I’m feelin’ it.

Mama and I made honey cooKies!

Did you say… «honey cooKies»?

Hmm? Ohh!

Yes, to hang on the tree, Pooh.

Oh. May I have some?


to hang on the tree, of course.

Oh, yes.

Now, we must be careful

not to tangle the garland, Eeyore.

Wouldn’t want that.

Well, hellloooo!

It’s a big-old box of jingly bells!


Now, this is what I call the holiday spirit!

Time to bounce!

Uh, uh, Tigger…the garland!

Be careful! Tigger!

All this bouncing maKes me feel liKe…

Bouncing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O’er the fields we go

Laughin’ all the way


Bells on Tigger ring

— Making spirits bright — Tigger!



Oh, what fun to trim the tree

With all my friends tonight

— Oooooooohhhhhhhh — Whoaaaaaaaaa!

Jingle bells, jingle bells

— Bells, bells, bells! — Jingle all the way

— No improvising, Rabbit. — Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh-ay

Jingle bells

Jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun to trim the tree

With all my friends tonight

Mama, is Santa Claus coming soon?

Why, of course he is, Roo dear.

Oh, absotutelutely. He did get our letter.

That’s right. Not liKe the Christmas he almost didn’t.

Oh, my.

I almost forgot that story.

And I thought Santa was gonna forget us!

What happened?

Well, it all started one windy winter’s night.

It was just a few days before Christmas,

and, naturally, we were all quite festive.

Oh, you should’ve seen the wonderful snowfall.

It came down…

Mmm, needs more salt.


Hey, guys! Wait for Tigger!

«Dear Santa.»

Well, guys, you’ve been awfully good this year.

What Kind of presents would you liKe to asK for?

I’d liKe a new fly swatter to Keep the bugs off my carrots.

«A fly swatter for —«

Christopher Robin, could Santa also bring Rabbit

a small smacKerel of honey?

Just in case certain… guests drop in?


Could use an umbrella to Keep the snow off my house.

Not that it matters if I don’t get one.

And a jar of honey for Eeyore, too.

You thinK «Sandy» Claus will bring me a snowshoe for my tail?

I taKe a size 4, triple «E».

Now, why would you want that?

Allow me to demonster-ate.

Oh, yes. I-I see what you mean. Mm-hmm.

What about you, Piglet?

Oh, d-d-d-dear.

I-I really haven’t been able to decide.

Um, w-w-whatever Santa wants to bring is fine with me.

Perhaps Piglet would also liKe a few pots of uh, um —

Of honey?

However did you guess?

Wait! Christopher Robin! We almost forgot!

What do you want for Christmas?

All I want is a sled —

one big enough for me and maybe…

a friend or two?

That’s it, then.

Next stop — the North Pole!

— Hooray! — It’s on its way!

There it goes!

Oh, d-d-d-dear!

I do hope I’m not too late.

Hello, Piglet.

How do you liKe my Christmas tree?

Oh, it’s very nice, Pooh,


I Know.

It seems as if I have forgotten, oh, something.

Yes, Pooh, you did.

Of course!

It needs a present beneath it!

Oh, but that’s what I came to tell you, Pooh.

When we wrote our letter to Santa,

you didn’t asK for a present.

Oh, bother.

What ever will we do, Pooh?

We shall swoop from the sKy and snatch the letter

before Santa gets it!

Are we ready to swoop yet, Piglet?

Almost, Pooh.

Are you sure this balloon can carry both of us?

Oh, thanK you, Pooh-oooooooooo!!


LooK —

our letter to Santa.

Not much of a stocKin’.

Just right for not much of a house.


Hiya, Eeyore!


Sure could use that umbrella.

Hope Santa brings it.

Well, of course he will.

We wrote him a letter from the heart.

Right now, he’s probably readin’ it,

and his beady little eyes is wellin’ up with tears.

Why, I betcha he’s drownin’ in sorrows!

We’re talKin’ Niagara Falls here!

Tigger, would you have a pencil about you?

A pencil, pencil, penc— oh!


But I bet Rabbit has.

La da-da dee dee da dum dum dum

Ho ho ho! There!

How festive.

Christmas carolers!

Ba la-la-la-la ba-ba ba…bah!



No! Not my carrots!

Get out! Ohhh!

TaKe this! TaKe that!

TaKe some of these!



Out, out, out!

Not this time, you —

E-Excuse us, Rabbit.

Could we borrow a pencil?

Oh. It’s only you.

Hey, Long Ears,

is that the Kinda thing you want Sandy Claus to see?


Help me decorate it again!

Or Santa might not bring my new fly swatter!

Oh, he won’t bring Pooh’s present, either,

if we can’t borrow a pencil.

Pencil, pencil.

Uh, what present? Pooh never even asKed for a —

Pooh! I forgot!

You didn’t asK Santa for a present!

I Know.

QuicK! The letter! We’ve got to get it bacK!

I did.

Well, what are you waiting for?!

Put down a present for Pooh!

He can’t.

Why not?!

You have the pencil, Rabbit.

Uh, right.

Um, here.

Now, let me see.

I believe what I wanted was a — no.

I should really liKe to have a —

or perhaps a —

Oh, just give him a pot of honey!

Why, thanK you, Rabbit!


You’re welcome, Pooh.

Oh, since he’s been so good this year,

why don’t you maKe it two pots of honey?

«Two pots of…»

Oh, Rabbit!

You are indeed most generous!

Is there something I could asK of Santa for you?

Oh, why, Pooh, how nice.

Actually —

Two fly swatters for Rabbit!

«Two fly swatters.»

Oh, thanK you,

but I really have everything I —

Well… there is one thing.

A sprayer that’ll taKe care of those pesKy bugs forever!

Been wanting one for years, but I’ve been afraid to asK.

Then I shall asK for you! Piglet?

Could we have one of… whatever those are

for our dear friend Rabbit?

Say, can I asK for somethin’ for somebody?

Can I? Can I?

Eeyore wants an umbrella for his house,

but what he really needs is a — a new house!


No, two houses!

Oh, split the difference — maKe it a whole «condominimum»!

Well, thanKs.

And four snowshoes for Tigger,

so he can bounce six times higher!

Say, I liKe this guy’s mathematicals.

No, spring-powered snowshoes,

so he can bounce half way to the moon!

ThanKs, Rabbit!

And 10 pots o’ honey for Pooh!


It’s the season of giving!


This is gonna be the bestest Christmas of all!


Oh, dear! What time is it?

Oh, half-past the day before Christmas.

The day before Christmas?!

Oh, my gosh! QuicK! QuicK!

Get that to Sandy, hasty posty!

But aren’t you coming with us?

With all the stuff we’re gettin’?

We gotta find a bigger tree to put it under!

Is the wind pointing to the North Pole, Piglet?

Uh, I-I’m not sure, Pooh.

And I don’t thinK the wind is sure, either.

Oh, I’m certain the letter Knows its way.

Gopher’s not going to liKe this.

Yeah, but if we was to let him hibernate through Christmas,

he’d hate us in the morning.

Ssap-ssuffering mistletoe!

Can’t a rodent get a little ssleep around here?!

Yeah, but, Gopher, we need your help!

Got a big job for ya!

Mm, come bacK in the sspring!

But this is for Santa Claus!

Ssanty Claus?

Mm, all I gotta ssay is

ol’ Ssaint NicK better appreciate this.

Tell me where you want it!

Tell me where you want it!

— Over here! — That way!

— To your left. — Right!

No, no, no, no, your other right!

— This way! — Over there!

— Keep goin’! — Here’s a perfect place!

— No, no, no, over here! — Over here!

Do you thinK that’s really the best spot?

OKay, oKay, there!

— Perfect! — Perfect!

See you in the morning, Piglet.

Christmas morning!

Pooh, looK!


La la



Oh, Santa will be so happy!

This is going to be the most wonderful Christmas ever!

Oh, bother.

Our letter to Santa!


It must have followed me home,

for when I got there, so was it.

But, Pooh tomorrow’s Christmas!

I didn’t even Know what I wanted,

and now I’m sure not to get it.

I’m sorry, Piglet,

but I’m sure it would have been wonderful.

Oh, no! What about Tigger’s gift?

And Rabbit’s? And —

Christopher Robin’s sled!

Piglet, we are going to find a way

to bring Christmas to everyone,

or my name isn’t Winnie the Pooh…

which it is.



You’re supposed to be asleep when Sandy Claus comes, you Know!

Who could that possibly be at this time of night?


As if I didn’t Know.


Gasp! Sandy Claus!

Yup, that’s him!

Though I always thought he was taller.

Um, it’s awfully cold out here in the cold.

If I could come in?

Why, sure you —

Hey, wait a minute.

Isn’t Sandy Claus supposed to come down the chimney?

Oh, Ho-ho-ho…




Ooh! Sandy Claus is comin’ down my chimney!

Sandy Claus is comin’ down my chimney!



Presents is what Tiggers liKe best!

Oh, thanKs, Sandy!

Uh…uh Sandy?

Need a little help, huh?

Hey, anything for ol’ St. NicK!

A-one, a-two, a-fire!!

Merry Christma-a-a-a-s!

Come bacK anytime!

Oh, boy!

My super-duper bouncer!

Hey, I can bounce in the snow!

What a present! Just what I always wanted!

Definootely not what I always wanted!

Ha ha ha! Yes!

MaKe yourselves at home.

What’s mine is yours…


Ha ha ha ha!

Until I get my present from Santa Claus.

Oh, my!

It’s him!



Santa Claus?

But why isn’t he coming down the chim— oof!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Uh, here.


Funny, I always thought he’d be…taller.

On, Donner! On, Blitzen!


And everyone else.

Bugs, prepare to meet your mulcher!

— Uh-oh! — Uh-oh!

Ha ha ha ha ha!


Help me! Ah-ah-ah!

Help! Aah! Woo-hoo!

Oh, hiya, Bunny Boy.

Uh, did you see Sandy Claus come this way?


And looK what he brought me for Christmas!

Uh, yeah, uh, Kinda Know the feeling.

HarK! The sound of a donKey in distress!

Somethin’ tells me Sandy must’ve been here.

Uh, but Santa was supposed to bring you a new home.

He did…

a mobile home.

Come on!

We’ve got to stop Santa before he delivers again!

Just thinK, Piglet — all we need to do

is give Christopher Robin this sled

and all the Christmas presents will be… present.

LooK! There he is!

Sandy Claus!

If that’s really who you are.

Always thought he’d be taller.

But of course I’m Santa Claus.

I have the hat, don’t I?

He does, ya Know.

And the boots?

I even have the sled.

So I suppose I must be Santa Claus.

Hmm, got a point there.

Though that’s a pretty sorry-looKin’ reindeer.

If you really are Santa,

let’s see you and your reindeer fly.


Uh, well, w-we —

uh, we, um —

If you insist.

On, Lawn Chair!

On, Badminton!

Up, up, and away!


Oh, bother.



That’s no Sandy Claus!

That’s a Pooh.


Pooh Bear, which way was the wind blowing

when you tried to send our letter?

Why, to the «S», toward Santa?

«S» is for south!

Santa lives at the North Pole!


Oh, d-d-d-dear.

Perhaps we have too little wind for so much letter.

Whatta ya Know?

Fresh outta breeze.

How will it get to the North Pole?

Someone must taKe it there himself.

Um, uh, which one of us himselves did you have in mind?



But the North Pole is so very far!

What if you can’t get bacK in time for Christmas?

It will be worth having no Christmas, Piglet,

if I can bring Christmas to all of you.

Oh, Pooh.

What a pal! What a friend! What a bear-and-a-half!

Say, uh, while you’re there,

could you put in a good word with the big guy in red for me?

Goodbye, Pooh.

Goodbye, everyone.

And… Merry Christmas.

Please, come bacK!

I’m supposed to taKe you to Santa!

Oh, boy, this Christmas is gonna go down in history!

Yes, as the first one we’ve spent without Pooh.

But thinK of all the neat stuff we’re gettin’!

Oh, come on, Piglet, ol’ pal.

LooK at us — we’re happy.

Where’s your Christmas spirit?

What’s Christmas if your best friend isn’t here to share it?

I don’t even Know what present I wanted,

but I’d give it up to have Pooh Bear here.

You Know, so would I.

Me too.

If only —

if only we had him bacK.



Pooh Bear! Hooray!

My-oh-my-oh-my! You’re bacK!



How wonderful.

But I didn’t get the letter to the North Pole.

You aren’t going to get any presents.

As long as we’ve got you, we don’t need any presents.

If that’s another one of them phony Sandys,

I’m gonna nail him.

Merry Christmas!

LooK what Santa left for you.

Here you go.

LooK — a fly swatter!

Just what I’ve always wanted.

Hee hee ha ha!

Wait till those bugs see this!

Hey! I can bounce on the snow!

LooK at me! No hands!


It worKs.

Didn’t expect it to, but I’m Kinda…glad.

Oh, my!

I don’t Know what it is, but I thinK it’s wonderful.

Aren’t you going to open your present, Pooh?

But I forgot to asK for what I wanted,

and then I went to get the letter bacK,

and then I never did get it to the North Pole,

and then I — well —

Christopher Robin, I don’t deserve this.

I don’t deserve anything.

But, Pooh, Santa brought it for you!

Which was awfully nice, but, you Know,

I thinK being with your friends is…nicer.

Though this would be the perfect —

The perfect what?

The perfect Merry-Christmas height for this.

Silly old bear.

And so, you see, Roo,

everything turned out wonderfully.

What a great story.

I just love a happy ending.

That’s the special thing about the holidays, dear —

our memories are the real gift of Christmas.

Excuse me.

Did someone mention —




Here, let me help you, there, Pooh boy.

I’ll be Santa Pooh’s little helper. Hoo-hoo!

This one’s for you, and this one is for you,

and this one’s for you, and this one is —

Hold on, there.

This one’s for me! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Why, Piglet! You shouldn’t have.

Oh! I just love it!


Merry Christmas Eve to one and all!

And as it so often happens following Christmas Eve,

the next morning was Christmas.


Everyone went out to share their new treasures

and celebrate the joy of Christmas together.

ThanKs for the sled, Tigger!

Glad you liKe it, Roo boy!


Ha ha ha ha! This is fun!


Oh, yes, it’s wonderful!

Snow! Ho ho!


Snow snows on my eyes, my ears, my toes

I suppose it even froze my nose

Snowflake melting like a honey cake

— Whee! — Snow drop — 1, 2, 3, kerplop

Snow snows on my eyes, my ears, my toes

I suppose it even froze my nose


All right!

Well, when you two decide to warm up a bit,

we’ll have a nice toasty fire for you.

OKay, Eeyore, you taKe this load bacK now,

and I’ll continue to gather.

Don’t dawdle.

Now, this is what I call holiday fun.

How ya doin’, DonKey Boy?!

Ohhh, it’s Tigger and those dreaded bells.

Ha ha ha!


Ahh. Whew! That was a close one.

Tigger has just lost control with those bells.

— Aah! — Who we hidin’ from, Ra-ra?

Oh…Oh, no.

Why me?

Oh, don’t tell me

you’re losin’ the holiday spirit already, Long Ears.

Uh, no, no, it’s — it’s just —

Good, ’cause I Know just what you need.

It’s jingly bells!

Jingly bells, jingly bells, what a joy to see

A million, zillion jingly bells beneath my Christmas tree, hey!

— Tigger…Tigger… — Jingly bells, jingly bells, sing along and see!

— Tigger, your tail! Please! — How much fun the bells can be

When you ding-a-ling-a-ling with me-he-he

Give me those bells! Oh!

You Know what?

I thinK having these bells will help my holiday spirit.

That’s the spirit, Rabbit!

Just taKe those bells and have a great time!

Don’t forget to shaKe ’em!

Oh, don’t worry. I will.

I will!


matching breaKfast, lunch, and dinner honey pots.

How did you Know?

What a wonderful gift.

ThanK you, my very dear friend Piglet.

Oh, y-you’re very welcome, Pooh.

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

And, um…how did you liKe my gift to you?

Well, Pooh, this particular Christmas,

you didn’t, uh, give me a gift.

You’re welcome, P—

I didn’t?

Now, how could that be?

Perhaps you, uh, forgot?

How could I ever forget something as important as you—

Your Christmas present!

Oh, um…

Wait right here, Piglet.

Well, a-all right, Pooh,

but — but — but it’s really —

Pooh looKed and looKed for Piglet’s present.

He looKed, and he looKed, and he looKed again.

And when he wasn’t looKing, he searched instead.

But, alas for poor Pooh,

everywhere he looKed and searched

was still somewhere where it wasn’t.

Pooh looKed from Christmas Day

all the way to New Year’s Eve,

until he quite forgot

what he was searching for in the first place.


Pooh Bear!

Hmm, Christopher?



Pooh Bear!

Christopher Ro-o-o-biiin!


Oh, my goodness.

— Happy New Year! — It is?

Well, almost — it’s New Year’s Eve,

so tonight, we’re having a party.

A party? Oh!

And we’ll maKe our New Year’s resolutions.


Oof! Bother.

Resolutions, Pooh.

It’s when you promise to do something you’ve never done

or not do something you used to do.

It’s a promise to be a better person in the new year.


And something sweet?

That does sound liKe a party to me.

So where, may I asK, is this party to be?

Why, anywhere our friends are together, Pooh.

Well, in that case, I Know just the place —

Rabbit’s house.

He certainly is a friend,

not to mention, he always has a smacKerel or three,

It would only be proper to asK first, Pooh.

Yes, all right, Christopher.

I shall stop by Rabbit’s house

before I go and invite all the others to Rabbit’s house.

Happy New Year, Pooh. See you at the party!

Happy New Year, Pooh, happy Pooh year, new

Hope it’s sweet and sunny like a pot of honey

For a Pooh year treat, friends will meet and greet

In the new year, Pooh year, too!


Ooh dee la doo doo ho ho ho ho

There. Ha ha!

Now, that’s a happy little carrot plant.

My, my, Rabbit.

I didn’t Know you could grow carrots indoors.

Well, it’s — it’s something only rabbits Know.

You see, every year, I bring in the last carrot of the summer —

There, there — I feed it,

water it, and read to it all winter long,

as recommended, of course,

in this official carrot-growing instruction manual.

Then, in the spring,

I use it to start my garden all over again.

Ha ha ha! Hello, little fella.

Yes, that’s it.

Keep talKing to it, Piglet, while I get the plant food.

Carrot plants love to be talKed to.

Oh, d-d-dear.

W-W-What do you suppose that might be?

Oh, d-d-dear! What ever shall we do?!



Uh, h-hello?

My tummy’s always asKing for honey.

But this is the first time that the honey has answered.

Oh! My carrot!

Pooh, what are you doing in there?


Your honey invited me in.

Naturally, I didn’t want to appear unfriendly, Rabbit.

Neither did my tummy.

Your tummy?! Is that all you ever thinK about?



I’m trying to remember.

Where’s my carrot? And where’s Piglet?


— Bless you. — Bless you.

Uh, thanK you.

Uh, Piglet? What are you doing under there?

We both got v-very scared,

a-and I wasn’t sure what to do.

So I-I thought this might be a good place

for, uh, not being sure.

Must you be afraid of everything, Piglet?

W-Well, I-I-I suppose that depends…

o-on how f-f-frightening it is!

Now what?

Who’s there?


Hiya, Rabbit!

You want to hear the good news? Hoo-hoo-hoo!

Snow does not Keep Tiggers from bouncin’, not one bitty bit.


Agh! Get off me, Tigger!


ThanKs for noticin’.

What are you doing under there,

besides being sad and gloomy?

Not much…as usual.

Hey, Long Ears!

Want to see what else Tiggers can do?

They can throw a snowball and catch it themselves!


First, the windup…

then…the toss!

And now the most Tigger-ific part —

the catch! Hoo-hoo!


My carrot! Oh ho ho!

Oh! Oh, thanK goodness you’re oKay.

Tigger, there is such a thing

as being excessively bouncy, you Know.

Oh, why, thanKs, Long Ears.

That means a lot to me.


Happy New Year, Tigger!

Welcome to the party.

— Party? — Party?!

Well, thanKs for invitin’ me.

Here, let me help. Hoo-hoo!

Partying’s what Tiggers liKe best.

What party?

Why, the one we’re having at your house, of course.

Um, I did mention that, right, Rabbit?


Is that a «no,» Rabbit?

Come on, Long Ears. I’ll help you decorate.

— Uh-oh! — Not that!

Piglet! Watch out!


Tigggerrrr! Oh!

Oh, bother.

Piglet! Save the carrot!

It figures.

— Oh! — Whoa!

Party always starts without me.

Don’t be ridiculous!

Why, this party just got rollin’!


That’s it.

That does it.

Out! Out!

Everybody, out!


I’ve had it!

My carrot will never maKe it through the new year

with all of you around — and neither will I!

We are both…leaving!

— Leaving? — Leaving? — Leaving?

You mean g-g-going away?

Where ever will you go?

Oh ho!

Someplace where there are no honey-munching Pooh Bears,

no petrified piglets,

no gloomy donKeys,

and no always-bouncing Tiggers!

Sheesh! The brain boggles.

What Kind of place would that be?



What will we do without him?

Well, we could have the party at your house, I suppose.

I Know what you’re thinKing — it’s gonna be a little cramped,

but, uh, since there is, um…gonna be…

…one less of us…

Oh, d-d-dear.

Pooh, isn’t there something we can do to maKe Rabbit stay?

ThinK, thinK, thinK.

Perhaps since Rabbit isn’t happy with the way we are,

he might be happier with some way we…aren’t?

Uh, you mean if we were different?

No longer our warm, fuzzy selves?

No more bundles of joy?

Oh, my!

We could all…change.

We could all maKe a resolution.

A rusty-tution?!

A resolution, Tigger.

It’s something Christopher Robin told me.

It’s a promise that you maKe to yourself to change.

Uh, c-change?

Well, if it means Rabbit won’t move away,

then — then I’m ready to change.

Me too!

Me three!

Well, I doubt it’ll help, but count me in.

I promise not to eat honey…

ever again.

Who said that?

Pooh Bear!

You don’t Know what you’re sayin’!

If you can do it, Pooh, so can I.

I p-p-promise not to be afraid anymore.


Piglet! What has come over you?!

Oh, well.

Things can’t get any worse than they are now.

I promise to be so cheerful

you won’t even Know it’s me.

Neither will I.

SticKin’ with their pals is what Tiggers do best.


I hereby and hitherforth promise to…

never bounce…

another bounce.

You got my word.

This Tigger’s high-hoppin’ days are history!

— Tigger… — That spring-sproing in my step is gone!

— Tigger… — Nevermore will I ever —


Aggh! What?

Oh. Yeah.

Well, this is gonna be tougher than I thought.

But don’t worry —

Tiggers always sticK to their rusty-tutions!

SticK? As in sticKy?

As in…honey?

And so Pooh’s friends,

trying to please Rabbit,

found themselves in a bit of a jam.

Jam? As in honey?

If Pooh can’t eat honey,

Piglet can’t be afraid

Tigger can’t bounce,

and Eeyore can’t be gloomy,

then the question is…

What do we do now?

AnKles aweigh!

Uhh! Umph!

Oh, d-d-dear.

Tigger, a-are you all right?

Oh, why, sure.

This is my Tigger-ific way of not bouncin’.

See? I…uhh!


Oh. Oh, that’s good.

I-I-I was afraid you were hurt.

Oh, I did it again —

said I was afraid.

Uh, Tigger, you’re never afraid, are you?

I guess I was too busy bouncin’ to ever thinK about it.

So that means if I bounce, I won’t be afraid?

Why, it worKs for me. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Well, at least it used to…

bacK in my bouncin’ days.

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LooK, Tigger! I’m bouncing!

I’m bouncing!

Ha ha ha ha!

Now I won’t be afraid of anything!

Ha ha ha! ThanK you, Tigger! ThanK you!

Oh, how about that?

I guess bouncin’ does Keep you from being afraid.

LooK at the little guy. He’s…


But that would mean that not bouncin’

might maKe a fella… sorta…squeamish?

Even…a tad t-trembly?

Just around the edges, uh…

Not to mention t-t-t-teeterin’…

on the brinK of terror?!

Oh, d-dear!

Double «oh, d-dear!»

What’s that?

Aghh! It’s got me!

Aghh! Ha ha!


I’m not eating honey

Not even thinking of thinking of thinking of eating honey

I’m not

I’m simply maKing sure that, um, the honey is, uh, safe.

Why, hello, Pooh Bear.

What ever are you looKing for?

Well, I-I certainly wasn’t looKing for, um…



Well, that’s fortunate,

because I just discovered the last little honey pot,

much to my delight.

I couldn’t be happier for you…

even if I could be happier for you.

No honey.

No hope of any honey.

Not even any hope of any hope of any honey.

Pooh Bear…

I have this funny feelin’.

What ever could it be?

I’m sure I wouldn’t Know.

ThinK, thinK, thinK.

Why, I believe it’s the honey

that gives me this funny feeling

and stops the rumbly in my tumbly as well.

I’m glad.

At least I thinK I’m glad.

I’m not sure how glad feels,

but if I —

Why, that’s it, Pooh!

I thinK I’m glad!



No, not for me

A honey-humming honeybee

Would not even want to see

Or be with me


Oh, «Restful Acres…

quiet, secluded, and peaceful living.»

Oh, you see, little fellow? It’ll be wonderful.

And I’m sure we’ll maKe lots of new…quieter friends.

There we are.

All ready to go.

Now what?



Might you happen to have a little bit of a teeny taste

of a small smacKerel… of something…

and perhaps that something might be sweet?

Uh, I…um, um…

But, uh…

Oh, d-d-dear! Oh, h-help!

Save me, Rabbit! Save me!

He’s after me.

He chased me here, a-and he chased me there

and all the way bacK here again!

Aah! Here he comes!

Hoo-hoo-hoo, whoa!

Hoo-hoo-hoo, whoa!

Hoo-hoo-hoo, whoa!

Hello, Rabbit.

Oh, I-I mean, hiya, Long Ears! Ha ha!

Piglet? W-What are you doing?

What piglets do best — bouncin’!

B-B-But, uh, what’s going on here?

Why are you all so… d-different?!

Pooh Bear?

ThanKs for noticin’.



Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!


Oh, help-p-p-p!

Oh, Rabbit…

you’re running a little low on honey.

I’m not happy about this!

Umph! Know the feelin’.

Oh! Ha ha ha help!

I d-d-don’t thinK he’ll find me h-h-here.

Would you liKe something sweet while you’re waitin’?

Whooaaaa! Oh! Oh!

What are you — Please, you must —

— Whooaaa! Oh! Oh! — Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

If you would only…



I don’t Know what’s going on,

but it’s even worse than before!

Now I’m definitely leaving!


Oh, d-d-dear. What could be wrong?

We’re trying to be different.

Not worKing too well, is it?

There, there.

You see, little fellow? Never a quiet moment.

Well, from now on, our lives will be calm and serene and —



Oh ha ha oh!

Oh! Aah!


Oh, that — that was a close one.



We just have to find Rabbit.

Maybe we will. Probably we won’t.

We’ll show him how much we’ve changed.

I miss him already.

Oh, help! Piglet! Pooh!

Up here!

LooK — it’s Bunny Boy!


Oh, d-d-dear!

I’m bouncing, but I’m still afraid.

Bah! Help!

I’m being bee-napped!

New Year’s rusty-tution or no,

it’s time to do what Tiggers do best.

Don’t worry, Long Ears!

I’ll save ya! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Hiya, Bunny Boy! BacK in a flash.

Hang on to that, would you, Piglet, ol’ pal?

— Oh! — Ooh!


Where’s my carrot? What did you do with my —

Oh ho ho! There you are!

Safe and sound.

Rabbit’s bacK, and everything is simply —


Mmm. Oh.

…simply wonderful.

Oh, bother.

I just broKe my resolution.


I bounced mine into itty-bitty pieces, too.

Oh, d-d-dear, I was so afraid for Rabbit.

I didn’t Keep my promise either.

Well, it’s unanimous.

I was so upset, I forgot to be happy.

I suppose that means…

Goodbye, Rabbit.

W-Wait a minute. W-What are you talKing about?

Well, our New Year’s resolutions, of course.

We tried to change for you.


Happy New Year!

Is everybody ready for the party?

We’re ready, all right —

for the world’s worst New Year’s party.

What ever do you mean?

It will be a new year… but without our old friend.

Our d-dear friend.

Our former friend.

That paragon of bunny-dom..


Rabbit’s leaving?

I Know!

Uh, leaving? Me?

Now, why would I want to leave friends who are so loyal

they would change just to please me?

But we didn’t change.

We tried, Rabbit, but…

we just stayed our same old selves.

And thanK goodness for that.

Why, what Kind of a Pooh Bear would you be

if you, uh, didn’t liKe honey?

A very hungry one.

And a Tigger who doesn’t bounce really isn’t a Tigger at all.

You’re not just sayin’ that

to mend our broKen hearts, are ya?

Well, are ya?!

Oh, and, Eeyore…

This Pooh shirt was too itchy,

even for me.

And little Piglet…

Oh, Rabbit, I was afraid I’d never get to be scared again.

There, there.

You can hide under my bed whenever you want.

That Rabbit, he just gives and gives.

Please don’t change.

I liKe all of you just the way you are.

I’m the one who needs to change.

But, Rabbit…

if you weren’t you,

then we’d all be a bit less, um..we.

Exactly, Pooh.

That’s what friends do for each other.

They help you to be more of who you are.

Now, come on, everyone.

It’s time to celebrate the new year!

Oh, at my house, of course!



Happy New Year!

Quiet, everyone.

Uh, Christopher Robin has something to say.

I’d liKe to maKe a toast.

I love toast!

Oh, have you tried it with honey? Delicious.

Here’s to the happiest of new years

to all my wonderful friends.

Let’s all raise a cup to ring in the new year.

Happy New Year.

I, uh, believe these are yours, Tigger.

I’m very sorry if I…

Oh, that’s oKay, Ra-ra.

Let’s just let bygones be gone.

The important thing is that we’re pals forever.

Am I right?

Abs-o-tutely, ol’ friend.

You see?

Nothing brings friends together liKe bells.

How true, how true.

And I thinK that calls for…

One more round of, uh, «Jingly Bells»?

Oh, looK at you! A-heh-heh-heh!

Jingly bells

Jingly bells

On a New Year’s Eve

And I’m so glad to be right here

That I may never leave

TaKe it, Ra-ra.

Jingly bells, jingly bells

To old friends, every one

We give to you our gratitude

For good times, joy, and fun!

Oh ho!

Isn’t this a great gang of friends?

They sure are, aren’t they?

Who would have thought those two could maKe

such wonderful music together?

Oh, yes, music is a special gift.


W-W-What is it, Pooh?!

Your gift! I remember your gift!

I shall be right bacK, Piglet.

Ooh ooh! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

Ooh hoo hoo ooh.


Now, let me see. It must be here s—

Oh! Hoo hoo! Oh!

Piglet will be so…





I’ve got it!

This is for you.


Oh, t-t-thanKs, Pooh, but, uh…

But you — you really shouldn’t —

Merry Christmas

to my very best friend, Piglet.


Let all your holidays be bright

And very merry, too

I wish you all a great new year…

Oh. Hmm…

…and…lots of honey, too

Oh…thanK you, Pooh.

That was wonderful.

But the very best gift of all is your friendship.

My, my…

Oh, how sweet.

Ssweet but a little ssappy, if you assK me.

Not bad, but it coulda used a few more jingledy bells.


Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And days of auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear

For auld lang syne

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

For auld lang syne

In the Hundred-acre Wood

We gather round with friends

And pass the cup of honey ’round

Until the old year ends

Mmm. Uh, did someone say «honey»?

For auld lang syne, my friends

For auld lang syne

We’ll pass the cup of honey ’round

For auld lang syne

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