Задание по чтению по сказке «Хансель и Гретель» (на английском языке): ключи

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Перейти к упражнению по чтению (по сказке «Hansel and Gretel») на английском языке

Ключи к упражнению на развитие навыков чтения на английском языке

(по сказке “Hansel and Gretel”)

1) there

2) real

3) awake

4) feed

5) rid

6) a piece of bread

7) It’ll be all right.

8) stooped

9) lazybones

10) for each of you

11) little white kitten

12) chimney

13) every few minutes

14) by following the stones

15) are finished

16) At noon

17) that I’d dropped along the way

18) naughty

19) starve

20) share

21) than they had ever been before

22) didn’t wake till late at night

23) bread crumbs

24) ate berries

25) snow-white

26) beckoned

27) cake and candy

28) transparent

29) couldn’t have stopped

30) a good meal

31) in heaven

32) attract

33) Fetch some water!

34) He’s nice and plump.

35) if Hansel was getting fatter

36) he held out a little bone

37) Be Hansel fat or thin, I must kill and cook him.

38) Till it boils

39) She could already see the flames shooting up.

40) Stupid goose, anyone can do that!

41) Gretel slammed the door so the witch couldn’t get out again.

42) Let’s put them in our pockets and try once more to find our way home.

43) a big white duck came swimming along and offered to carry them across

44) They ran and ran until they came to it, rushed in the door and fell on their father’s neck.

45) The man had not had a quiet hour since he left his children in the woods.

46) Gretel opened her apron and the pearls scattered all over the room and Hansel took one handful after another of precious stones out of his pockets.

47) in great joy from that time on

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