Задание по чтению по сказке «Хансель и Гретель» (на английском языке)

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Упражнение на развитие навыков чтения

(по сказке «Hansel and Gretel» на английском языке)


Exercise. Read the words and phrases from the fairytale “Hansel and Gretel” and think in which context they might be used. Then read the text below and fill in the blanks with the missing words and phrases from the table.


Упражнение. Прочитайте слова и фразы из сказки «Hansel and Gretel» и подумайте, в каком контексте их можно было бы употребить. После этого прочитайте текст сказки и заполните пропуски словами из таблицы.


Let’s put them in our pockets and try once more to find our way home

She could already see the flames shooting up

Stupid goose, anyone can do that!

It’ll be all right

little white kitten


The man had not had a quiet hour since he left his children in the woods

every few minutes

by following the stones


than they had ever been before

didn’t wake till late at night

Gretel opened her apron and the pearls scattered all over the room and Hansel took one handful after another of precious stones out of his pockets

bread crumbs

ate berries

cake and candy


couldn’t have stopped

a good meal

in heaven


Fetch some water!

He’s nice and plump



a piece of bread



for each of you

Gretel slammed the door so the witch couldn’t get out again

a big white duck came swimming along and offered to carry them across

They ran and ran until they came to it, rushed in the door and fell on their father’s neck

in great joy from that time on

if Hansel was getting fatter, he held out a little bone





Be Hansel fat or thin I must kill and cook him




are finished

At noon

that I’d dropped along the way




Hansel and Gretel


Near a great forest 1)__________lived a poor woodcutter and his two children. The boy’s name was Hansel and the girl’s name was Gretel. The children’s 2)__________ mother had died some years before and their father had taken another wife who was now the children’s stepmother.

They were very poor and one day the father didn’t even have enough money to buy their daily bread. He lay 3)__________ in bed that night talking with his wife about their problems.

“What will become of us? We can’t even feed the children. And if we 4)__________ them, there’ll be nothing left over for ourselves.”

The stepmother had always wished to be 5)__________ of her husband’s children.

“I’ll tell you what to do, husband. We’ll take the children into the forest in the morning. We’ll make a fire where the forest is very thick. We’ll give each of them 6)___________. Then we’ll leave them saying we’re going to our work. They’ll never find their way home again.”

“No, wife, we can’t do that. If we leave them alone, the wild animals will come and eat them.”

“Don’t be stupid. If we keep them at home, we’ll all soon die of hunger.”

“But … I feel so sorry for the poor children.”

Now the two children had not been able to sleep for hunger and had heard everything the stepmother had said to their father.

“Oh, Hansel, what are we going to do?”

“Don’t cry, Gretel, don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything. 7) __________.”

And when the parents had gone to sleep, Hansel got up, put on his little coat, opened the back door slowly and slipped out.

The moon was shining brightly and Hansel could see lots of little white stones on the ground behind the house. He 8)__________ and filled the pockets of his little coat with the stones.

The next morning the stepmother came to Hansel and Gretel very early in the morning.

“Get up you 9)___________, come on, get up! We’re going into the forest to cut wood.”

“But it’s so early. Can we sleep a little longer?”

“You heard me. Get out of bed. Here’s a piece of bread 10)___________. That’s for dinner, so don’t eat it now, you are not getting any more of that today.”

So they all marched into the forest together. Gretel carried the bread under her arm, because Hansel had his pockets full of stones.

“Come on, Hansel, hurry up. Why do you keep stopping to look back at the house?”

“I am not looking at the house, father. I am looking at my 11)___________ who is sitting up on the roof.”

“You foolish boy, that’s not your kitten, that’s the sunshine on the 12)___________.”

Of course, Hansel had not been looking at his kitten at all, but had been taking a little stone out of his pocket 13)____________ and dropping it on the road so that he and Gretel could find their way home again 14) ____________.

When they finally reached the middle of the forest, they made a fire to get warm.

“Now, lie down, children, and have a little rest. We will go and cut wood. When we 15)__________, we will come and get you.”

Hansel and Gretel sat by the fire. 16)___________ they ate their pieces of bread and after a while they became very tired and fell fast asleep. When at last they woke up, Gretel saw that it was dark and that they were all alone and she began to cry.

“Oh, Hansel, I’m so afraid. How will we ever get out of this forest?”

“Don’t worry, sister, just wait a little while longer until the moon rises and then we can easily find our way home. We’ll just look for the stones 17)___________.”

When the full moon shone,  Hansel took his little sister by the hand and followed the trail of little white stones that shone so brightly in the moonlight. They walked and walked all night until they finally came to their house and knocked on the door.

The stepmother answered the door and was very surprised indeed to see the two children again.

“What?  What are you doing here? I mean…hm… I mean what did you sleep in the wood so long for, you 18)___________children? We thought you were never coming home.”

But the father was very glad because he had felt very bad about leaving the children alone in the forest.

Some time later, however, the family fell upon hard times again and once again there wasn’t enough money for food.

Hansel and Gretel heard their stepmother talking to their father one night.

“Everything is gone. We have only half a loaf of bread left and then we’ll 19)__________. The children have to go. We’ll take them into the forest again. But this time we’ll go so far that they’ll never find their way back.”

“Wouldn’t it be much better to 20)____________ the last piece of bread with the children?”

“Don’t be silly! Do you want us all to die? No, that’s final. We’ll take them into the forest tomorrow.”

Hansel waited until the parents had fallen to sleep, then he got up to go out to get some more little stones. But this time the stepmother had locked the door so he couldn’t leave the house.

“Oh, Hansel, what are we going to do now? Without the little white stones we’ll never find our way back!”

“Don’t worry, Gretel. Go to sleep. God will help us find a way.”

This time the stepmother woke the children even earlier. She gave them only a half a piece of bread each and they walked much farther into the forest 21)__________.

 “Now, you children sit right there by the fire. When you are tired you can go to sleep.  We are going into the forest to cut wood and in the evening when we are finished we will come and get you”.

At noon Gretel shared her bread with Hansel because he had broken his off in little pieces along the way and thrown them on the ground so they could find the way back.

After eating the bread they fell asleep and 22)___________ when it was very dark.

“Oh, Hansel, what ever are we going to do? It’so dark, we’ll never find our way home.”

“Don’t worry, Gretel. We’ll be able to find our way back. We just have to wait for the moon to come up. Then we can find the way home by looking for the 23)__________ that I’d dropped along the way”.

But when the moon rose they looked for the crumbs but could find none because the birds of the forest had come and eaten them.

Hansel thought they might find the way without the crumbs, but they could not.

They walked and walked but they only went deeper and deeper into the forest.

They walked for three days and 24)___________ along the way to keep alive. On the afternoon of the third day just when they were about to give up hope, they saw a little 25)__________ bird sitting in a tree singing so sweetly they stopped to listen.

When the little bird finished his song, he flew up to Hansel and Gretel and 26)___________ them to follow him which they did.

After a while they came to a little house and the little bird flew to the top of the roof and perched there.

“Look, Gretel, what a beautiful little house!”

“It looks like 27)__________!”

“I think it is cake and candy, Gretel. I’ll eat a piece of the roof and see.”

Hansel broke off a piece of the roof and ate it. And it was indeed chocolate cake. Gretel tasted the window which was made out of 28)___________ sugar and, of course, was very sweet.

Just then they heard a voice call out from inside:


Nibble, nibble

Like a mouse

Who is nibbling

 at my house?


“Never mind, it’s the wind!”

And they went on eating because the house tasted very good. And they 29)___________, even if they had wanted to.

Hansel broke off another piece of the roof and Gretel took out a small round window pane and began licking it, when suddenly an old woman opened the front door and came out.

 “Ah, my deer children, how ever did you find your way to my little house?”

Hansel and Gretel were so frightened when they saw the ugly old woman that they dropped the candy and cake and stared at her.

 “You must come inside and stay with me. I am sure you’ll be in no trouble.”

So the old woman took them by the hand and led them into the little house where they had 30)__________before going to sleep in two little white beds.

Hansel and Gretel thought they were 31)__________. What they did not know, however, was that the old woman, who seemed very kind, was really a wicked witch who had  built the beautiful house to 32)___________ little children.

“Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Now I have them and they won’t escape!”

The next morning the wicked witch went to Hansel before he had awakened and grabbed him by the hair and took him outside to a stable where she locked him in a cage.

“Let me out! Let me out!”


Then the witch returned to Gretel and shook her hard.

“Come on, you lazybones! Get to work! 33)___________ and cook something nice for your brother. He’s outside in the stable and must be fattened up. 34)___________ I am going to eat him.”


Gretel began to weep bitterly, but it was no use. She had to do what the wicked witch said. The best food was cooked for Hansel and Gretel received only bread. Each morning the old woman went to the stable to see 35)____________.

 “Stretch out your finger, boy, so I can see if you will soon be juicy enough to eat.”

Hansel, however, knew that the witch could not see very well, so 36)____________. The old woman thought it was his finger and wondered why he wasn’t getting fatter. After four weeks had passed, and Hansel still seemed to remain thin, she lost patience and could wait no longer.

 “Fetch some water, girl. 37)____________”

“Oh, please, don’t cook him, please!”

“Be quiet and fetch the water! 38)___________we’ll do the baking. I’ve heated the oven already and kneaded the dough. Go to the oven and see if it is hot enough.”

Gretel did as the witch told her and opened the oven door. 39)____________

“Put your head in the oven, girl, and see if it’s hot enough to bake my bread.

“But I don’t know how to do it!”


“Would you show me?”

“All right, look!”

And the witch stooped down and put her head in the oven’s mouth.

Just then Gretel gave her such a hard push that the witch went all the way in and 41)____________.


“Oh, Hansel! Hansel! We’re free!”

Gretel ran out to the stable and released Hansel from the cage. Hansel hugged and kissed his sister and they danced around and around.

Since they had nothing more to fear, they searched the witch’s house and found chests of pearls and precious stones.

 “42)__________ ”

They filled their pockets with jewels and started off from their journey.

After a few hours they came to a great lake. They didn’t know how to cross it until 43)____________, one at a time.

Once they got to the other side, the woods began to look more and more familiar and after walking a while they knew exactly where they were. At last they saw their father’s house in the distance. 44)____________

“My children! My children!”

“Oh, father, we’re home!”

“We’ve found our way home!”

45)______________  His wife had died in the meantime, so she would never again force him to abandon his dear children.


All their fear was at an end and they lived together 47)___________.



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