Исследуем сказки Андерсена и др.: курсы британских университетов

Британская бесплатная образовательная онлайн программа FutureLearn, о которой мы сообщали ранее (см. http://englishhobby.ru/2013/09/19/free_courses_from_british_universities) продолжает работать и пополняться новыми бесплатными курсами британских университетов, на которые вы можете записаться, кликнув Join the Course (справа на странице курса). Один из новых курсов — Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales (для записи перейдите по ссылке:



Dear FutureLearner,

We’ve just added seven brand new courses to FutureLearn, including four from some of our newest partners in Australia, Denmark, France and Switzerland. Here’s our quick guide to them all.

Brand new courses

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales

HC Andersen Center

Discover the fairy tale world of Hans Christian Andersen — the inspiration behind The Little Mermaid and Frozen. Interpret six stories with experts from his birthplace, Odense, Denmark.

Gravity! From the Big Bang to Black Holes

Université Paris Diderot

As Einstein’s theory of relativity turns 100, find out why gravity is the engine of the Universe — behind everything from the Big Bang to black holes, dark energy to space-time.

Agincourt 1415: Myth and Reality

University of Southampton

Mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Understand its place in the Hundred Years’ War and discover what happened on the medieval battlefield.

ECG Assessment: an Introduction for Healthcare Providers

St George’s, University of London

Understand the principles of electrocardiography and learn a step-by-step approach to undertaking the ECG test. Suitable for nurses, paramedics and support workers.

Crime, Justice and Society

The University of Sheffield

Examine the role that the state and criminal justice system play in creating safe and just societies. Find out which traditional and innovative responses to crime work.

Maths for Humans: Linear, Quadratic and Inverse Relations

UNSW Australia

Strengthen your algebra, geometry and thinking skills. Learn about the maths behind real-world relations, including linear, quadratic, inverse and power relationships.

Exploring Possible Futures: Modeling in Environmental and Energy Economics

University of Basel

Find out how to develop environmental economics and energy economics models. Use modeling to understand topical issues like climate change and energy policy.

Courses starting soon

Creative Coding
Monash University

Academic Integrity: Values, Skills, Action
The University of Auckland

Childhood in the Digital Age
The Open University

From Notation to Performance: Understanding Musical Scores
The Open University

Cooperation in the Contemporary World: Unlocking International Politics
University of Birmingham

Basic Science: Understanding Experiments
The Open University

The Science of Nuclear Energy
The Open University

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Happy learning,

Lily and the FutureLearn team

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